Comments - Unique Of The Week: 1967 Lotus Type 51 Formula

Published: Jun 24, 2011
Description: It isn't too often that a rare 1967 Lotus 51 Formula appears for sale on eBay. According to the description, the Formula Ford series was launched in 1967 and was meant to be an entry level series...
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Luke McGuire Apr 28, 2012
1967 my favourite year ever
Tom Franquelli Jun 25, 2011
Sexy car! I want one.
Aaron Cartwright Jun 24, 2011
Now that is a thing of beauty!
Trevor Brown Jun 24, 2011
I wonder if this could be made street legal, it looks like fun to drive on the road.
Description: The cars had a multi-tubular space-frame chassis with a double wishbone suspension and coil spring/damper units in the front and lower wishbones and coil/damper units in the rear. The Type 51 ...
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Cameron Foster Mar 07, 2012
id give anything to have it
Patrick Kennedy Jun 24, 2011
That looks like a blast to drive
Description: From what we can see, the car's body is in fantastic condition with only a few paint cracks. It had an asking price of $28,500, but the reserve was not met, so it may be up for auction again shor...
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Brad Hickey Jun 25, 2011
ASKING price was 28k silly. Means somebody did not meet the reserve of 28k.
Christian Billman Jun 24, 2011
Reserve not met means it costs more than $28k :(
Edgar Jauregui Jun 24, 2011
$28,000??? Pshhh bargain, rather buy this than a new car with the same price. You'll never see one of those again
Sage Washabaugh Jun 24, 2011
28,000!?!?!! Thats not bad!!
Sam C-h Jun 24, 2011
If only I had the money, that thing looks amazing to drive.
Shane Carroll Jun 24, 2011
Who the hell would buy a new Camry over this? This is a steal at that price
Tom Franquelli Jun 25, 2011
Yeah, no kidding. Looks fun.
Patrick Schalk Jun 24, 2011
That's such a cool suspension setup
Chris Benson Jun 25, 2011
I'm 6'4, so I wouldn't be able to fit on there, bit it does look fun.
Joey Pena Jun 24, 2011
I believe snug is the word