Comments - Video: A New Simultaneous Donut Record Set

Published: Jun 02, 2011
Description: A group of 29 UK-based burning rubber enthusiasts recently set a new world record for most cars simultaneously doing donuts. It's quite a thing to see, enjoy the video.
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Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
Caterham is a good car to start in for that
Tom Franquelli Jun 03, 2011
1998 Jeep Cherokee, all stock. I'm in. I'll probably die.
Patrick Schalk Jun 02, 2011
I've got my Camaro. We need some more peeps!
Patrick Schalk Jun 02, 2011
Haha that girl had NO idea how to do a donut. That Evo was tearin it up though. Wish I could've seen some more cars. We all need to get some American muscle cars and show those Brits how it's done.
Vincent Butler Jun 02, 2011
I honestly thought it was really lame. That girl ruined the video. All focus on her why.
Ben Koh Jun 02, 2011
I saw a sc300... niceeee
Chang Chen Jun 02, 2011
I like how big the spoiler is on that civic.
Chris Clark Jun 02, 2011
There was one stopped at 1:20... lol
Ján Kubecka Jun 02, 2011
Hahahaha that's so good I love it
Anthony Isola Jun 02, 2011
Lol idk what to say about this....