Comments - Rumor: BMW Altering Future Small Car Lineup

Published: Jun 02, 2011
Description: According to recent rumors, the next generation BMW 1-Series will be receiving various modifications that will make it more compatible with current economical realities. It will spawn a city compact, ...
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Description: However, the current 1-Series that we all know will soon become the 2-Series. Really? The next 1-Series may, in fact, be a lineup of city cars. The current 1-Series coupe and cabriolet will simply bec...
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Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jun 02, 2011
Change the look of the current 1. It looks so damn worn out
Patrick Schalk Jun 02, 2011
Haha this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday when BMW is disappointed that their 5 series GT didn't sell.
Josh Sutton Jun 02, 2011
The numbers correspond to the size of the car, and since they plan to make a smaller car than the current 1 series, they can't exactly call it the 1/2 series, can they?
Michael Ballard Jun 02, 2011
The letter 1 doesn't exist. That's what's wrong with it
Francis Edward Ayala Jun 02, 2011
Hope they do it right
Devon Nelson Jun 03, 2011
The back almost looks like a Saturn sky and Pontiac solstice
Bryan Thomsen Jun 02, 2011
Basically a modified Z4
Trevor Brown Jun 02, 2011
The front looks like a Pontiac