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Published: Jun 02, 2011
Description: The latest rumor going around is that Lincoln is planning on introducing its own version of the sports car. Ford has been debating this idea for a while in order to keep up with the growing demands fo...
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Mike Hawk Jun 04, 2011
So I'm assuming it'll be something like a lux-upgraded Taurus SHO/falcon platform based car.
Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
Do it Lincoln! Just don't make it ugly and boring like your current range
Brett Powers Jun 04, 2011
I think it's time Lincoln had their own version of a CTS-V.
Thaddeus Wade Jun 03, 2011
Heck yeah! Bow ties!
Shane Carroll Jun 02, 2011
God, is Lincoln still around? Sheesh, haven't heard anything from them in years. What we'll probably end up with is a re-badged Mustang
Ken Madison Jun 02, 2011
..... Or the supercharged 5.4 or a supercharged 5.0
Chad Schley Jun 02, 2011
It will probably be the ecoboost. That is fords star motor right now.
Gilles Roche Jun 02, 2011
Why not use the ecoboost twin turbo?
Duncan Gibson Sep 11, 2011
A lincoln sportie wud never make it. Lincolns are for republicans with kids in pre-k.
Craig DiStaso Jun 05, 2011
Have some perspective, this is a concept. It has also made it to production, it's called a MKS. So when the time came it was toned down quite a bit.
Mike Hawk Jun 04, 2011
This is just as ugly as the maybach.
Stephen Ishard Jun 03, 2011
If the grill was shorter it would be perfect
Lukas Lebs Jun 03, 2011
My parents both drive towncars lol those things are friggen comfy!
Spencer Peirce Jun 02, 2011
Well sorry but it has the front facia of a pilot whale! lol
Tom Katt Jun 02, 2011
Brrr... Ugly and spooky!
Shane Carroll Jun 02, 2011
Sweet Jesus this thing is hideous. You could play baseball on the grille, its huge!
David Bright Jun 02, 2011
Always liked Lincolns
Spencer Peirce Jun 02, 2011
This is SO ugly. The front end looks like a five-head and they won't stop using that hideous grill. As bad as the Acura grill!
Renan Barreto Jun 02, 2011
Reminds me a lot of the Cadillac 16 concept
Sean M. Penfield Jun 02, 2011
Don't like the front end, lincoln goes overboard with all of their grills though...
Gilles Roche Jun 02, 2011
He did not say that the lincoln continental was better than the bentley.
Peter Bruschi Jun 02, 2011
bring back the continental!
Tom Franquelli Jun 02, 2011
I like it. That's got little to do with the article, though. Lol
Eric Henning Jun 02, 2011
The front looks like a happy hippo
Description: Sales have been gradually declining for Ford lately, and the idea of a two-seat sports car may raise more debate than interest. Lincoln desperately needs a unique idea to stay afloat in the extremely ...
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Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
Well Pontiac was selling almost all crap. Not exactly what you need to stay alive :/
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
Yeah I don't like the Lucerne either. The Enclave is ok but I think the bests are the Lacrosse and Regal. I understand Buicks market though tends to be older people like Lincoln but I'm glad they've kind of shifted towards younger crowds now.
Josh Sutton Jun 03, 2011
And my grandma's Lucerne. I don't like either of them.
Josh Sutton Jun 03, 2011
Very. I think Pontiac being gone is a big reason why Buick's been moving in a more performance-oriented direction. I've got no idea how good the newer ones actually are though- the only ones I've been in recently are my friend's Enclave
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
I wish they would make another Buick GNX. That thing would be SO sweet
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
Yeah honestly I don't know why they keep GMC around because it's basically a Chevy with better bells and whistles. I can understand keeping Buick though. The new lineup is really nice in terms of quality and design and even some performance.
Josh Sutton Jun 03, 2011
I just wish they had gotten rid of Buick or GMC instead.
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
Other companies. It was a shame Pontiac had to go. I'm glad Hummer is gone though.
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
Exactly. I'm not really a Ford guy but I respect a lot of their cars and love their newer models. But their counterparts such as Lincoln don't do very well. All of their sales seem concentrated on Ford alone. Whereas GM can rely on sales from various
Josh Sutton Jun 03, 2011
That is one of the few things Ford's current range lacks right now- and they could do an awesome job with it.
Patrick Schalk Jun 02, 2011
Exactly. Hell even make it compete with the CTS-V. I'd love to see Lincoln with a SC 5.0 stuffed in it.
Josh Sutton Jun 02, 2011
Like an improved, luxury version of the SHO.
Patrick Schalk Jun 02, 2011
They should just make a performance sedan. Something exciting.
Hezekiah Socali Howard Jun 03, 2011
It should be based off the MKS
Shane Carroll Jun 02, 2011
Well I can pretty much guarantee Ford isn't going to spend the time/money to design a car from the ground up for a brand that no one cares about anyway
Jeremiah Goins Jun 02, 2011
Very sad, because I could have actually seen this competing against Lexus.
Jeremiah Goins Jun 02, 2011
Its the small details that were lost when they made the production version that would have made this car more of a big seller. I hope they can follow through with their concept designs in the future.