Lincoln Pondering Sports Car

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The latest rumor going around is that Lincoln is planning on introducing its own version of the sports car. Ford has been debating this idea for a while in order to keep up with the growing demands for sports cars and also to stay ahead with competitors. The idea stems from a mid-engine platform not found in any other vehicle in Ford's corporate umbrella. There are even rumors that Ford will include a supercharged V6.
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Sales have been gradually declining for Ford lately, and the idea of a two-seat sports car may raise more debate than interest. Lincoln desperately needs a unique idea to stay afloat in the extremely competitive luxury field. The question is, will Lincoln go all the way with the two-seater or is it just a wild rumor going around town? Either way, you can be certain the automaker will decide when or if the time is right to unleash their perspective two-seater. Photos displayed are of the 2007 Lincoln MKR Concept.

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