Comments - Unique Of The Week: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera 351

Published: Jun 17, 2011
Description: Spending time on eBay Motors often turns into an addiction. Once you start, the temptation to buy can easily increase. You may end up spending more to keep your treasured find in working order. And no...
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Tom Castello Jun 17, 2011
I love it! A Pantera is def worth a story! Keep up these kind of classic cars with value and not bad resto-mods and you won't disappoint.
Shane Carroll Jun 17, 2011
If you punch it in, it equalls just a tad over 5.7, but that displacement was taken by the 350, so they just went ahead and called it a 5.8
Brett Powers Jun 17, 2011
It's actually a 5.8...
Ken Madison Jun 17, 2011
Ah the good ol days. 5.7 liters making 330 Hp.
Jack Kraeutler Jun 17, 2011
God I love these things.
Description: However, the seller cannot guarantee that it's the original engine. The most significant issue with the car is the major dent on the front left bumper, with some body and chrome damage that will...
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Rory Scanlan Jun 17, 2011
Brett it's on eBay and it could b urs for $18
Shane Carroll Jun 17, 2011
Well hell, that just means the car was actually used and enjoyed
Brett Powers Jun 17, 2011
I've wanted a pantera for years. I'd probably kill for one.
James Jay Putnam Jun 17, 2011
Kinda looks like a gt40 remake
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 17, 2011
Saw something in a magazine where a guy had a dozen of these, each one customized
Description: Around 5,500 Panteras were imported by Ford to the US by 1975, after which Ford ended their involvement. By the time production ended in the 80s, nearly 7,200 Panteras were built. Photos courtesy of M...
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Greg Lewis Jun 17, 2011
I have the 5.8 72 Q code in my Torino, it's not a very quiet or subtle engine... Could only imagine what that beast sounds like or deals like pushing you from behind you seats....
Sam Lucas Jun 17, 2011
Too bad I can't afford the car pack for it.
Alex Santaspirt Jun 17, 2011
Those tires are huge
Stephen Christofi Jun 17, 2011
The rear can't be good for aero