Comments - Ford Rally’s Fans To Vote On Facebook

Published: Jun 16, 2011
Description: Facebook is all about bringing people together. In this case, Ford's Blue Oval rally team is calling out to all of its fans through the social media giant and asking them to choose a unique roof ...
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Will Conover Jun 16, 2011
Carson. I dont know why but for some reason they made the fiesta a lot better
Will Conover Jun 16, 2011
Why are there two of some names
Chris Penza Jun 16, 2011
First name I noticed was colin McRae. R.I.P.
Description: Facebook fans will have until the end of June to choose their favorite design for the Fiesta RS WRC. The final designs will appear only on the cars driven in the race. So next time you log in to your ...
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Jason Dannheim Jun 16, 2011
I like the articles cover pic the most.
Pierre E Jean Jun 16, 2011
I prefer this one but without the green parts that make it looks like an italian flag