Comments - Zenvo Announces ST-1 For US Market

Published: Jun 15, 2011
Description: Danish automaker Zenvo and North American distributor Red Sea Distribution have joined forces to create a limited edition ST-1 specifically for the US market. Under the hood, power is generated from a...
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Aaron Cartwright Jun 16, 2011
@Ken I know why they use them, u obviously didn't get the joke lol
Sam C-h Jun 15, 2011
"limited edition"? Please, they only built 15 of the originals!
Victor Conde Jun 15, 2011
Hot car I wish I had that for free!!!!!
Ken Madison Jun 15, 2011
Aaron, they use them because try are cheap and they work, very well.
Aaron Contic Jun 15, 2011
I'm tired of all these companies using the ls engines, throw some thing new under the hood, like a v10 or sumthing
Matteo Luppi Jun 15, 2011
Must be hard to park!
Andy Kleschick Jun 15, 2011
Well, I bet bugatti has already started working up an even faster veyron!!
Ken Madison Jun 15, 2011
That makes it classy!
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2011
Kick the veyron's ass!
Aaron Cartwright Jun 15, 2011
@ Ken that must make it a muscle car then lol
Shane Carroll Jun 15, 2011
They left out a part. This engine is supercharged as well as turbocharged
Ken Madison Jun 15, 2011
LS7, gotta love it. I have noticed that more and more smaller companies are using LS power in their cars!
Mariah Al-atraqchi Feb 18, 2014
Nolan Treptau May 26, 2013
It is like a Bugatti
Sam Bailey Jan 26, 2013
The best car ever!
Clint Jacobson Jul 19, 2011
Sexiest car ever max speed is 233 mph. In 8.5 sec it gets up to around 130-150 mph
Phillip Fitchew Jun 16, 2011
Thing is top speeds don't matter all that much in my philosophy. Torque and correct gear ratio are worth their weight in gold. 223 mph doesn't mean alot if the power's uncontrollable or there's no opportunity to use it.
Phillip Fitchew Jun 16, 2011
@ Ken and others: all the stuff you guys said is valid (except the parbt about weight; HEAVIER isn't always HEAVY), I know. It's just that I always approach things from a road racing perspective and not necessarily straight line. AWDs superior there.
Claude Page Jr. Jun 16, 2011
Well, I guess I agree with them on the front plus is it me or is the back seem like a Mitsubishi eclipse??
Taylor Holloway Jun 16, 2011
It's so ugly in the front. I'd feel more like I was fishing then driving when I'd see this
Devante Holloway Jun 15, 2011
I seen this car before even before they started making those watches so yea I know for a fact that this car can go faster now
Brahim Gudah Jun 15, 2011
Ken u also forgot to mention u lose a lot more power in transfer using awd so it may be better on launch but overall acceleration suffers all it's really good for is corners
Andrew Hossann Jun 15, 2011
It kinda looks like a jacked up 370z
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2011
This thing is so sick. Maybe this will end the gayron's reign
Shane Carroll Jun 15, 2011
AWD makes it heavy. Rear traction is only limited by how big a tire you want to put on.
Ken Louise Jun 15, 2011
Very nice supercar but I wished they did made the front headlamps look nicer, like R8 styled DTRL IMO.
David Bright Jun 15, 2011
I like it, very unique
Gavin Davis Jun 15, 2011
That car is amazingly sexy
Ken Madison Jun 15, 2011
Phillip, RWD is classic and it works. It is very possible to launch 12-1300 Hp from a RWD platform. Look at the viper hennessey does that rockets 0-60 in 2.2 seconds, it's RWD.
Michael Page Jun 15, 2011
I'm sleepy from looking at all those pretty car lines
Phillip Fitchew Jun 15, 2011
I just hate seeing numbers like that on RWD cars. Is it AWD? Pleas let it be AWD... there's no way all of that goodness can be utilized by only two tires. :(
Tyson Broadbent Jun 15, 2011
Me too! They had it on a Top Gear magazine a long time ago. Labelled it a the Stigs supercar!
Shane Carroll Jun 15, 2011
I've known about the Zenvo for a while, its my favorite supercar by far
Jack Kraeutler Jun 15, 2011
Very powerful dustbuster.
Michael Palazzo Jun 15, 2011
sweet looks like a fish from hell, since coming to America I might get to see one!
Eric Henning Jun 15, 2011
Noble MC12 gumpert and mantide are what I'm getting from this
Anders Schrøder Jun 15, 2011
I'm proud to be danish!
Description: The 50S, as it will be called, is mated to a seven-speed transmission that allows the car to go from 0-62 in a lightning quick speed of 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 233 mph. Needless to say, product...
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Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 15, 2011
The ST1 is I believe rwd? And if so making the 0-60 slower put upping the lateral acceleration. The 233mph is probably limited or the engine cannot handle the speed of over 250mph.
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 15, 2011
not saying its not fast but that its not as fast as it should be with those numbers. cory chill off no one attacked u in anyway shape or form.
Sam C-h Jun 15, 2011
@Chris please tell me that "gayron" is just a spelling mistake.
Ken Madison Jun 15, 2011
This is probably a 3500-4000 lb car. I agree it should be in the mid 2s, but that is still amazingly fast.
Jorge Martins Jun 15, 2011
@ Cory - PMS? Every time u post something it's rude and mean. I don't like it :(
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 15, 2011
@ben but with that torque and hp that is disapointing
Cory Kemps Jun 15, 2011
Yeah dipshit - its 0-60 in under 3 seconds, and a top speed well over 200mph. Hows that disappointing? The transmission and gearing is what makes the 0-100kph and top speeds, so maybe a new tranny with your own gearing will make you happier? IF you
Ben Mitchell Jun 15, 2011
@drew 0-62 in 3 seconds is disappointing? That's pretty damn fast in my opinion.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jun 15, 2011
Twice the hp of an MC12 8 times the price. Not twice as fast not 8 times as nice
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2011
Doh! Didn't beat the gayron
Shane Carroll Jun 15, 2011
I could care less about top speed, Im never gonna take it above 140 on these roads. Im more concerned with how fast it gets there, screw the top speed war
Jonathan Holland Jun 15, 2011
Top gear said they would be making 50? And that the top speed is LIMITED to 233 xD and disappointing? Seriously?
Andy Arana Jun 15, 2011
@ Shawn, yeah I was thinking the same thing, Leno will this to his collection of cars.
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 15, 2011
those performance numbers are disapointing. it really depends how fast it can make it to the 233mph
Shawn Griffith Jun 15, 2011
@Yi How many zeros, 5? Haha I bet Jay Leno buys one.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 15, 2011
If I were to ever buy the car, y sell the watch. It's one of a three of a kind. Worth millions in the future
Sebastian Grey Jun 15, 2011
This watch looks cheap. It could be the picture though.
Taylor J. Blake Jun 15, 2011
I'd rather have a breitling
Mike Lanza Jun 15, 2011
So if u buy the car and sell it eventually, do u have to give up the watch too u think?
Jesse Weis Aug 12, 2011
Boy, when they said photos displayed of the danish version i was expecting it to be a bit more exciting
Tyson Broadbent Jun 15, 2011
Cmon guys! The 11000 ft rating is the size of a mountain! Aspen, Colorado anyone?
Pierre E Jean Jun 15, 2011
Probably cause 15 watches were built by Aspen and 3 of them were bought by Zenvo in order to give one of each to the 3 customers .. They can afford a 50k watch by selling 3 cars for about 5 000 000 bucks
Jerrod Swenson Jun 15, 2011
If there are only 3 cars why are the watches numbered to 15?
Seth Seibold Jun 15, 2011
Better yet, who is wearing a 50k watch, with a leather band, in water?
Pierre E Jean Jun 15, 2011
A 50k watch not waterproof ? Lol