1979 Pontiac Trans Am To Be Sold For The First Time

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What you are looking at is not a restoration, but rather a preservation of a 10th Anniversary Edition Pontiac Trans Am. The optioned-out Trans Am was delivered to Kitterman Motors in Corydon, Indiana back in 1979, and hasn't left the showroom ever since. We haven't received word why Kitterman clung to this Trans Am rather than selling it, but we're guessing that it isn't because of a lack of offers for the almost-no-miles piece of history.
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It's possible that the car would have sat in the showroom for another 32 years (or more), but Kitterman Motors is now closing its doors, and the Trans Am will be auctioned off with the rest of the fixtures from Kitterman on July 2nd. There aren't exactly a lot of cases like this, so it's difficult to guess at what a factory-fresh T/A will go for, but we're curious to see.