Comments - Unearthed: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Published: Jun 12, 2011
Description: Many restoration projects are never complete. And for the owner of this 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, it seems that he's always working on some improvement or another. It's powered by a new 355 c...
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Mike Hawk Jun 13, 2011
This is carbuzz, not "new carbuzz" or "carbuzz now", or even "carbuzz classic" This app should be about good cars throughout time. And rightfully so.
Luke Bailey Jun 12, 2011
gotta love the chevelle, although id take a 72 nova over this....i just love the looks of the nova more
Patrick Schalk Jun 12, 2011
Yeah that was me. I think I said it on one of their editorials asking them if they could do some classics.
Stephen Ishard Jun 12, 2011
Diego I agree that is my dream car
Adam Lopinsky Jun 12, 2011
I'm loving these classics Carbuzz. Keep 'em coming!
Patrick Schalk Jun 12, 2011
I'm just sayin, I mentioned them doing this a few months ago (pats self on back)
Diego Pasotti Jun 12, 2011
Amazing, I wish it was 70' 454 LS6.
Daniel Lay Jun 12, 2011
I like the chevelle, keep the American muscle coming!
Shane Carroll Jun 12, 2011
Yeah I'm liking this
Joshua Trillizio Jun 12, 2011
I'm glad they have been doing articles on muscle cars past few days
Jethroll Sarduy Jun 12, 2011
American muscle, my favorite category. Keep em coming so that I can get my Carbuzz fix.
Preston Martin Jun 12, 2011
Anti-sway bars. Not sway bars. Common mistake, totally opposite meanings.
Luke Bailey Jun 13, 2011
i feel u mike....i was just responding to pedros comment of 'muatang isnt muscle'
Mike Hawk Jun 13, 2011
Its really a mustang term. (rooted)
Mike Hawk Jun 13, 2011
A pony car can be a muscle car. It just depends on what's under the hood. That's really what it all comes down to. The standards have changed, since our modern day tributes are more full sized cars, and not so much compact like ponies in the 60s
Luke Bailey Jun 13, 2011
i kno its a pony car, but to say its not a muscle car is rediculous.....
Greg Lewis Jun 13, 2011
Sorry Luke, he is right. Mustang was fords pony car.
Alec Brown Jun 12, 2011
She is a thing of beauty....but....I think I'd take a '69 Charger over those beasts...
Luke Bailey Jun 12, 2011
boo pedro....u obviously know nothing
Conner Gauze Jun 12, 2011
Always liked the '69 camero
Greg Lewis Jun 12, 2011
Thank you Pedro! Was never a fan of the single headlights. Like the 4 eyes better!
Description: The owner also wanted to be able to adjust the ride height; therefore he installed a RideTech air suspension with internal ride height sensors. The interior has been reupholstered and power windows we...
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Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 13, 2011
Air suspension, not my choice
Luke Bailey Jun 12, 2011
nah not these rims....these looks like pep-boys rims....if u want classic 5 spoke get mags....
Colby Katzberg Jun 12, 2011
I agree with Tom. It's a nice car but I just don't like the way this one looks.
Tom Castello Jun 12, 2011
Ruined.. Why put lame wheels on it like that. Makes it look ghetto.
Stephen Ishard Jun 12, 2011
70and 66 are my favorites
Patrick Schalk Jun 12, 2011
72 and 66 were great years for this car
Shane Carroll Jun 12, 2011
Not my favorite year, but still awesome
Peter Bruschi Jun 12, 2011
i wud kill for a muscle car like this... beautiful... keep this segment going carbuzz!
Greg Phelps Jun 12, 2011
Great car ! All muscle.
Riley McKelvie Jun 13, 2011
Needs fatter tires, not that it doesn't look good how it is.
Shane Gardner Jun 13, 2011
Nothing wrong with giving it your own unique touch to it. I mean honestly now, I'm sure most would rather have this over one with a sparkly red paint job that was lifted so it could fit on 28 inch rims.
Luke Bailey Jun 12, 2011
@colby, if its a daily driver then i would def put a cd/mp3 ready head unit....otherwise yeh keep it stock
Greg Lewis Jun 12, 2011
Rims are fine! How many of these have you seen with 20's? Or spinners? At least these have a retro feel to them.
Colby Katzberg Jun 12, 2011
The interior is in nice shape but it's ruined by that deck. Muscle car interiors should be stock unless it's a total rebuild like foose would do.
Tom Castello Jun 12, 2011
Seriously man all the classic cars that i have seen you have had stories on have not been nice cars. Find something rare that is factory original. I own a classic car restoration business in IL. This is nasty.. And not in a good way.
Taylor J. Blake Jun 12, 2011
I'd rather get American racing rims.
Richard Rockett Jun 12, 2011
Timelessly perfect profile
Stephen Ishard Jun 12, 2011
Could be better but they are fine I'd be happy
Aj TheDark Artist Jun 12, 2011
The wheels r fine. A car doesn't always have to have all the classic or retro stuff to look cool. It's not the 60's and 70's anymore.
Luke Bailey Jun 12, 2011
im with joe....needs more classic style wheels....
Anthony Isola Jun 12, 2011
Uhhh no, those wheels are beautiful.
Jason Dykhoff Jun 12, 2011
Yea in my opinion it looks like a camaro impala and a Malabue and Srry if I misspelled the car names but it looks like they hade a baby
Jason Dykhoff Jun 12, 2011
They are bringing the chevelle back it looks ugly
Josh Carlisle Jun 12, 2011
I wish they would bring this car back.
Eric Henning Jun 12, 2011
72 is an underrated year of chevelle
Paul Heany Jun 12, 2011
Wow...what a job this guy did. This car is a true monster of a machine.
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2011
My guess would be oil pressure and maybe water temp?
Lukas Lebs Jun 14, 2011
Whats that in lower console turbo boost dials? Or just reg dials which i expect, because nothing like it was stated
Steve Wearne Jun 13, 2011
Gotta love that Walmart radio! I'll bet it's got some killer 6x9's too!
Jimmy Bartolotta Jun 13, 2011
shes also a ss clone. a true ss would have a tach, oil pressure gauges etc straight from the factory. my dad had to instal those on his 72 malibu convertible
Greg Lewis Jun 12, 2011
Shifting alllll day gets tiring, leave that to the young bucks! Lol
Aj TheDark Artist Jun 12, 2011
It sure is, and u know what, it's okay.