Comments - British Fashion Label Has Their Own Smart Fortwo

Published: Jun 12, 2011
Description: British fashion label Boxfresh has recently gotten a hold of a Brabus Smart Fortwo Cabriolet and, well, these are the results. The car's mechanicals haven't been changed from the factory-spe...
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Ken Madison Jun 13, 2011
It's a shame to be honest. I thought this app was run by normal people who just wanted to tell it how it is, and then money got involved......
Tyson Broadbent Jun 12, 2011
I have noticed that too Ken. And their last Prius article was a bit more reserved, no knocks or jokes.
Ken Madison Jun 12, 2011
Has anyone else noticed that since Toyota started paying for advertising, all the "worse than a prius" comments from writers are missing in the smart car articles....
Stephen Ishard Jun 12, 2011
So a fashion company is marketing on one the ugliest cars ever
Landon Combass Jun 13, 2011
People on this app are so consumed by sports cars and complain that this car is so horrible when it's most likely a nicer car than y'all drive (IF you even drive!)!!!
Landon Combass Jun 13, 2011
I like it one color. It's has a clean look to it.
Shane Carroll Jun 12, 2011
Everyone stopped caring about Smart Cars a couple years ago. Go out quietly, not fighting and struggling for air
Luis A Villalpando Jun 12, 2011
This car=pointless heap of metaand plastic
Ian Richard Hendry Jun 12, 2011
They're a hoot to drive though, even with the crappy transmission.
Daniel Lay Jun 12, 2011
I don't even hate on ev and small cars like alot of people. But this is just a waste of time/ money
Peter Bruschi Jun 12, 2011
give up smart... nobody wants your dumb cars...
Ydj Young Jun 12, 2011
I would only drive the brabus version from this car. This one looks a bit old-fashioned with this colors..
Todd Randall Jun 12, 2011
Hideous color scheme
Description: The interior features plenty of Boxfresh labeling along with leather seats and trim. But have no fear, not only will this not be making its way to the U.S; it won't even be for sale in general. T...
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Denise Stewart Jan 07, 2014
I would get that version if i could as an alternative to my mercedes gl
Larry Koelcher Jun 14, 2011
Take the rims!? Are you planning on customizing your ridin lawnmower? ;-D
Scott Harrington Jun 12, 2011
I want thoes wheels for my 240
Jerrel TioFelix Neal Jun 12, 2011
The wheels match the paint.
Daniel Lay Jun 12, 2011
I agree with Todd how is this fashionable
Todd Randall Jun 12, 2011
Black and white wheels a brown body and a tan top. If this is fashion please explain
Shane Carroll Jun 12, 2011
Somebody just tip it over
Jim Nguyen Jun 13, 2011
I'm pretty sure not much leather was wasted.
Jim Nguyen Jun 13, 2011
HAHAHA, it looks like a toy from this angle!
Taylor J. Blake Jun 13, 2011
@ ben all of them service lights are on cause the key is on but not the engine. My gmc does it too
Ian Richard Hendry Jun 13, 2011
Rev counter in the add on clocks topping the centre console.
Shane Carroll Jun 12, 2011
Hell if I would take this thing to 120
Nick Benz Jun 12, 2011
Its mph. Look next time.
Luis A Villalpando Jun 12, 2011
120kilometers, hahaha that's slow