Comments - Revealed: Mazda BT-50 Freestyle

Published: Jun 11, 2011
Description: Mazda has just released new photos of their BT-50 Freestyle, which is set to make its official debut later this year at the Australian International Motor Show. The Freestyle has state-of-the-art rear...
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Bob Jones Nov 02, 2011
The thought of Mazda making a truck makes me laugh so hard I cry!
Josiah De La Torre Jun 12, 2011
They couldnt make another B2300?
Trevor Brown Jun 12, 2011
I'll take a Chevy/GMC over anything
Marthy Gajardo Jun 12, 2011
Damn this truck is ugly!
Jacob McCord Jun 12, 2011
I'd take a Ford over a Toyota anyday.
Tom Castello Jun 11, 2011
OMG WTF happened to the front of this truck?!? Its disgusting looking!
Mike Hawk Jun 11, 2011
Van, I don't think anyone else will get your family guy reference, but nice one!
Trevor Brown Jun 11, 2011
Yeah, Toyota's the only one who can even come close to American trucks. This is way too feminine for a truck.
Josh Sutton Jun 11, 2011
Nothing wrong with Toyota trucks. This, though...reminds me of that mini-truck concept Ram released a while ago. Don't like it much.
Mike Hawk Jun 11, 2011
I think it's official... Toyota is the only foreign auto maker that makes good p/u trucks.
Zach Pate Jun 11, 2011
Mazda, go back to making rx7's and stop with this shit
Andy Rogers Jun 11, 2011
It's a truck. I don't expect good looks but this is
Daniel Lay Jun 11, 2011
Yeah Trucks are supposed to look tough not liking this. It's got that smiley face looks dumb to me.
Stephen Ishard Jun 11, 2011
Stick the same face on every car the same smiley face
Michael Palazzo Jun 11, 2011
hideous truck, they'll probably make it a hybrid like every other car in todays update.
Andy Kleschick Jun 11, 2011
This car looks more like it is supposed to be ford ranger competition.
Shane Carroll Jun 11, 2011
I thought a truck was supposed to look tough and meaty. This, is more of a tossed salad
Kaigan Viner Jun 11, 2011
Hideous. Do they realize they are making a truck, not a car?
Description: Mazda also plans on adding an additional 266 liters more to the truck, which increases the total volume to 1,453 liters. No word yet on pricing, however, the BT-50 Freestyle is set to hit the market l...
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Rolf Koppter Jun 12, 2011
Aaaaaaah why don't any of the truly compact pickups ever make it here?!
Jonathan Holland Jun 12, 2011
Man...I thought 8 liters was a lot....
Trevor Brown Jun 11, 2011
Haha a 1,500 liter engine... The Veyron's W16 would have nothing on this Mazda truck.
Shane Carroll Jun 11, 2011
Yeah my old truck had doors like this, its nothing new
Jason Dannheim Jun 11, 2011
No B-Pillar?? Structural rigidity: compromised.
Gregory Lanham Jun 11, 2011
@chris a lot of trucks actually have doors like this if their two doors