Description: Ben Walsh, designer of the interior of the Cadillac Converj concept, has done sort of an about-face and came up with something slightly different. Leaving GM to work for PSA Peugeot Citroen, he has no...
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Andy Rogers May 10, 2011
I don't see people only judging Ferrari off of the Enzo or FXX
Andy Rogers May 10, 2011
Shane is probably the closest Remember the EB110? Cost only a bit more than a Diablo for the time. I like how everybody still only judges Bugatti off of the Veyron. Not the EB110, Type 35, Type 57, Galiber (new and old), Royale, etc
Mikael Johansson May 09, 2011
If the Buggati car costs 1.7 million then if u knew anything about speed bouts knowing it has a Buggati badge on it then it's most probably going to be ridiculously expensive.
Phillip Alexander May 09, 2011
It's a speedboat, not a yacht dude. No need to epitomize overexagerating.
Andrew Hubbard May 09, 2011
If this did go into production the starting price would be like $10,000,000 at least! lol
Marthy Gajardo May 09, 2011
Beautiful! Looks like one giant dagger!
Rhonda C Quinn Jul 18, 2011
I'll just take a pic in it and ride bc I know I can't pay for it.
Robert Mccombe Jun 27, 2011
Oh my god! Tis boat is amazing but if I had to pick between the car and the boat then it would have to be the car
Oscar Mendieta May 11, 2011
If you buy the boat you get the car for free haha
Duncan Jolley May 09, 2011
I realized the boat look like a bullet.
Justin Santinelli May 09, 2011
Yeah thats the grand sport
Justin Santinelli May 09, 2011
I dont think thats a veyron.... I think thats just the grand sport
Marthy Gajardo May 09, 2011
Buy the boat get a discount on the car!
Adrian Roman Yemchuk May 09, 2011
And that's why the Veyron should have a tow package.
Duncan Jolley May 09, 2011
And it will cost you how much for this? Considering how the car runs anywhere from 1.5-3.0 million dollars I imagine the boat would cost 10 times as much. Production seems unlikely anyways.
Cameron Hickman May 09, 2011
Oh my's the bat boat :0
Thaddeus Wade May 09, 2011
With it all sealed up, might as well make it a sub too. Slap it into a James Bond film for the publicity, good ta go.
John Park May 09, 2011
Does the boat go through tires in 15 minutes?!
Anthony Noon May 09, 2011
Buy the car and they throw in the boat
Eeming Chew May 09, 2011
Sweet. The boat looks very sleek. Hope they create an edition with wheels on it. ;)
Abdelkader Jamal Eddin May 09, 2011
Ohhhh my god I would look at the veyron from this angle for days
Tom Franquelli May 09, 2011
That is beautiful. Apparently the Veyron's best angle is bird's-eye. Lol
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2011
That's pretty sweet.
Description: Walsh has done a beautiful job incorporating design elements of the production car into his vision of what a Bugatti speedboat may look like. Overall, it's a great piece of work and it would be a...
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Marthy Gajardo May 11, 2011
I say add two v16's in that boat and call it done!
Andy Rogers May 10, 2011
Revive the Riva Aquarma please? Talk about boat beauty
Gianni Vega May 09, 2011
It would be so easy to match the thousand horsepower, boats usually have upwards of 600 at least they would probably put a turbine and make like 1500hp
Daniel Hernandez May 09, 2011
Now just put their w16 engine in there!
Dennis Rech May 11, 2011
He'll say a dog ran out in front of him.
Mike Hawk May 10, 2011
Dennis and Jimmy got it right
Mike Hawk May 10, 2011
I was referring to one dumb Texan. In the singular sense. Why don't you idiots who read my comment, read it again
Andy Rogers May 10, 2011
I'd rather have this. Beauty and speed
Jonathan Holland May 10, 2011
Cale, this is for the guy who has those things and needs a yacht for his Hawaiian home.
Dennis Rech May 09, 2011
Wonder if that circular cut around the canopy lifts kind of like that Saab show car from a couple of years ago.
Alex Preston May 09, 2011
How does one get in it?
Dennis Rech May 09, 2011
Mike, he'd probably run it aground.
Michael Riley May 09, 2011
it looks like something out of Star Wars lok
Sebastian Grey May 09, 2011
Haha Jimmy that's exactly whats going to happen.
Jimmy Atkinson May 09, 2011
I wonder if someone is going to crash this into land now???
Ken Madison May 09, 2011
I know that guy crashed his veyron in Texas, but that doesn't make all texans dumb.
Ken Madison May 09, 2011
Your are such a troll mike. Go rural Texas and start calling people dumb texans. Let us know how it goes for you.
Mike Hawk May 09, 2011
Looks like we got a bugatti that some dumb Texan can take to the river.
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2011
I'm not too partial on the Veyron looks either but that color scheme and that view in the other pic looks amazing.
Piotr Parys May 09, 2011
Veyron is one of the ugliest car in the world, but this boat looks nice.
Tom Franquelli May 09, 2011
Oh damn. It's Amidala's transport ship, pretty much. Nice.
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2011
The next step in exclusivity.
Nate Brochu Jun 11, 2011
Um how do you get in? Maybe itll be rc lol
Francis Edward Ayala May 09, 2011
Please provide us interior pics of this most gorgeous speedboat ever!
Shakir Ali Oct 31, 2011
i dont think prop is big enough
Nate Brochu Jun 11, 2011
I think the logo would be under water:/
Peniel Taveras May 10, 2011
I don't think the two big wholes are the for no reason so the might be jets and it only looks like there's a prop
Jonathan Holland May 09, 2011
Maybe if they give it thousands of horsepower, it can go fast without completely exploding.
Brady Pekas May 09, 2011
its just a drawing for now probably forever but if thy did make a couple of them I'm sure it would have like 3
Adrian Roman Yemchuk May 09, 2011
I'm also surprised to see a single prop. If this boat is all looks, than clearly it's not a Bugatti
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2011
If you can afford it I'm sure it wouldn't matter cuz they probably planned against it and provide free detailing and maintenance if necessary