Alfa Romeo MiTo Range Receives New Engines and Trim

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In a bid to make it easier for customers to order the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the Italian automaker has decided to streamline the MiTo's catalog down to nine versions as part of a refreshed range. Previously, the MiTo hatchback was available in a whopping 17 different variations, similar to what we would expect to see for a truck. Now the three-door hatchback's entry level model has been rebranded as the Progression.
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The Turismo and Lusso trims have been replaced by the Sprint, while the Veloce has been replaced by the Distinctive and the Cloverleaf by the Quadrifoglio Verde. The MiTo's engine range has also been revised. A new 78-horsepower 1.4-liter and 105-hp MultiAir 1.4-liter will be replacing the 95-hp engine. The great news for diesel customers is that a new 1.3-ltier JTDM-2 diesel will be eligible for emissions exemptions under overseas regulations. An additional new feature is the bronze metallic paint job option.

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