Comments - Mini Rolls Out The Red Carpet For A Good Cause

Published: May 25, 2011
Description: Dean and Dan Caten, known better as DSQUARED, have recently released their version of the Mini Cooper S at the very exclusive Life Ball 2011, Europe's largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser. The twins u...
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Andrew Mullin May 26, 2011
This would be a fun car to rally around in
Nick Smith May 25, 2011
Come to Wisconsin in February and see if this is better than a truck or any Jeep. This would be useless trash in more than a foot of snow.
Francis Edward Ayala May 25, 2011
Must have done it on a Countryman!
Andy Arana May 25, 2011
What the heck is that in the background... Mule, zebra, retarded horse?
George Rust May 25, 2011
Not to many cars can pull off being turned into an off road vehicle with big lights and mud tires and raised suspension. This one looks pretty cool.
Law Patrickus May 25, 2011
Love it! But put the logos in white? Durrr
Description: The raised chassis and design of the Red Mudder is suited to please the adventurous types with its deep-tread all terrain tires. The fashion designers collaborated with Mini to produce their version a...
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David Bright May 25, 2011
@Aston, who says they can't be both? Haha
Ian Richard Hendry May 25, 2011
Does no one read the words?
Law Patrickus May 25, 2011
Why do they match? Brothers.....
David Bright May 25, 2011
What's so special about 1964?