Mercedes E300 Bluetec Diesel Hybrid Might Head To The US

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Europe is looking at the upcoming Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 as a potential game changer in the world of green motoring. We won't be getting it in the US, but Mercedes has a similar vehicle which they have not yet ruled out for the US market. The E300 Bluetec diesel hybrid puts out 204 horsepower and a massive 428lb-ft of torque, all while getting 57.4 combined mpg on the European cycle. This is significant for a couple of reasons.
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Mileage figures like that are impressive in their own right, and the E300 is likely to steal quite a few sales from the Prius. Then there are EV's to consider. Once manufacturing and the environmental cost of producing the electricity (note: this refers specifically to electricity produced in North America) have been factored in, the E300 Bluetech would be about as green as a pure electric, but without the range issues or the pain-in-the-ass of plugging it in. A slightly smaller car with the same technology would easy defeat a Leaf in greenness. In the US at least, the electric car might soon be once again killed.