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Published: May 21, 2011
Description: Proof of how far Hyundai has come in recent years can be seen in the fact that Prada worked with the Korean carmaker to create a special edition. The 5.0-liter V8-powered Genesis Prada will wear speci...
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Spencer Peirce May 25, 2011
know Hyundai as a great car brand. Their low quality in the past will be irrelevant. The genesis coupe is awesome. And in all truth, prada is hella better clothing than walmart yeah? Can't deny that they chose Hyundai!
Spencer Peirce May 25, 2011
I do, and a few years ago I would be arguing the same point. But the fact as, they are quickly making a better name for themselves. One day there will be another follow up company that runs the same course as Hyundai and the new generations will just
Mike Hawk May 24, 2011
But it would take TONS of convincing when your talking to gearheads. I'm sure walmart brand clothes are great quality and are durable, but I much prefer going to Macys if I'm not shopping online But you get my point, right?
Spencer Peirce May 24, 2011
I drive a subie and while hyundai's aren't my dream cars they are still very quality vehicles. Andy, mike, while normally I agree with you guys, we are going to disagree on this. In my line of work, people pay for facts, not preconceived opinions.
Landon Combass May 23, 2011
Hyundai's are great cars.
Yongseok Kim May 23, 2011
and u saying people who have chevy aveo are richier and have a PERSONALITY than people who have Hyundai genesis????? what kind of theory is that?? just laughing lol
Yongseok Kim May 23, 2011
@ Andy. u r so pathetic n have poor personality.... u better to begin to go school first..
Landon Combass May 23, 2011
Andy your obviously letting ego, pride, and ignorants get in the way of buying a car. They were cheap back in the late 90's and early 2000's but still reliable.
Andy Rogers May 23, 2011
Getting a Korean car is like saying to the world "I'm poor and have no personality whatsoever" Car people don't like them...just saying
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
But if you have no life, then by all means, have at it!
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
For me (and I'm sure for many others with a life)... Getting a Hyundai or Kia would be committing social suicide.
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
Nathan's right. Hyundai's designs are unoriginal. Nothing sticks out for me. The only ppl that would even defend them would be Hyundai owners themselves. But even then, I can't imagine anyone praising Hyundai in open public.
Alex Klemstein May 22, 2011
I'd appreciate Hyundai if the came up with their own cars. This car is just a cheaper crappier version of the Lexus LS. Don't believe me? Compare the exterior and interior of the two.
Arnaldo Esparra Espada May 22, 2011
Hyundai and kia making good cars what is the preblems guys? Is cheapers or what
Landon Combass May 21, 2011
Why is this car pathetic or bad? Because it's Hyundai or From Korea? That's just showing how ignorant y'all are! This car is luxury and really good.
Pete Gondek May 21, 2011
To bad your still driving a POS Hyundia
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin May 21, 2011
Hyundai is making great cars now just look at the awards its gotten over the years
Andy Kleschick May 21, 2011
@Cory: I know right? I'm like, at least go Lexus, infiniti or BMW, just to name a few, all of which have pretty good interiors to begin with. Don't look for a piece of, well, shit to make it look good. It is still a piece of shot.
Cory Billig May 21, 2011
Can't even believe a company like prada would stoop down to the level of Hyundai
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
Oh, Prada partnered with Hyundai? That changes everything. (sense the sarcasm if you haven't already)
Shawn Robinson Sep 11, 2011
Looks like a Lexus LS
Adam Zarytsky Jul 06, 2011
It's appalling that people still miss the incredible value Korean cars are
Juliet Ham Jun 10, 2011
@Patrick..before you make rash judgements, perhaps you should do some research. hyundai now owns Kia and hyundai is one of the best car manufacturers in the u.s. unlike toyota their brakes work and they have the best warranty.
Patrick CorpKid May 28, 2011
There's goes Hyundai. They try to look like Mercedes but they are still garbage cars. I remember when they were in the categories with Kia and geo, now they want to be Mercedes haha please Hyundai sucks
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
Yeah, okay! Let me just drop *everything*, just so that I can test drive a Hyundai. I'm just gonna stick to my "social suicide" mentality. Okay?!?
Yongseok Kim May 22, 2011
hey! American haters! just stop arguing n go for test driving. then start to discuss here. alright ?
Ori Haviv May 22, 2011
@ Ian. Haha that's so true. Except for the gadgets And luxury though. I sat in this and it's whatever. Just roomy but nothing serious inside. The Equus is a different story though.
Ori Haviv May 22, 2011
This car isn't bad. Stop hating. I wouldn't get it but I'm not gonna hate on it
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
Hahaha, Nathan. I saw one of those ugly ass sonatas today. Those cars are so ugly. Hopefully, they'll start dying off. Such an eyesore
Mike Hawk May 22, 2011
Cheaper?!? In price?? Hold on a sec. When you factor in all the new importing taxes and fees, this car creeps up to Caddy $ territory. I'm just sayin.
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
Supposedly. Anyone who knows luxury cars would say differently.
Duncan Jolley May 21, 2011
I can't remember, is this the luxurious one?
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
…Therefore, Hyundai is just embarrassing themselves with this. Nobody wants to be known as the poser who can't afford the Lexus or the Benz so buys an imitation luxury car. That $45k is best spent on another car that won't humiliate the driver.
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
@Joseph A car is something that gets a person from point A to point B which means a luxury car is about status…
Alex Sharp May 21, 2011
What makes this car bad other than it's badge?
Joseph Paventi May 21, 2011
All these Hyundai haters...shame u ppl don't understand what Hyundai is trying to do, they wanna sell affordable luxury without the big badge price tag. Ur not being cheap ur being smart and not wasting an extra 30Gs for a badge
Ori Haviv May 21, 2011
Get the Equus and you'll shit on the Avalon
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
@Aston Check out the Toyota Avalon. It has reclining rear seats, a smaller price tag, and saves you the shame of being seen in a Hyundai.
Jonathan Holland May 21, 2011
Looking at the back, it reminds me of an S, mixed with an older Lexus ES for some reason.
Jonathan Holland May 21, 2011
Such an S-class rip. Not even funny.
Kenneth Williams May 21, 2011
Doesn't really look anything like a Mercedes to me
Adam Zarytsky Jul 06, 2011
I think even TDI means turbo direct injection
Chris Dimattia May 21, 2011
Thought most car companies put d in the engine name to signify diesel.
Eddie Harper May 21, 2011
That's like what 160 mph?
Salvador Pimentel May 21, 2011
@ Bradley the car was made so that the passengers in the back seats get all the luxury, it's not at all focused at the driver. But none the less Hyundai should at least make the drivers seat and passenger set look like it belongs in a luxury car.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate May 21, 2011
Where the analog at?
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
The materials *might* revel Lexus', but the fit and finish won't compete.
Andy Kleschick May 21, 2011
@Blaise: I'm sure in this edition, it might rival Lexus interior quality. Well that is until you get to the steering wheel.
Cory Billig May 21, 2011
And the steering wheel looks so outdated with that big stupid center and buttons
Ori Haviv May 21, 2011
Haha Lexus has one of the most plushest leathers, if I'm saying that right
Blaise Stevensen May 21, 2011
I also drove this car (but the 4.6) and I actually laughed at the salesman when he said "Lexus quality". Not even close.
Jonathan Holland May 21, 2011
It looks so much like a Lexus, and that they tried to copy a Bentley steering wheel.
Abdelkader Jamal Eddin May 21, 2011
I drove this car, genesis 3.8 it's really amazing
Kenneth Williams May 21, 2011
Those are some of the most comfortable seats Ive ever sat in. The normal ones though not this edition.
Ali Al-Rumaihi May 27, 2011
There is nothing prada here but in the logo in the info screen and side labels!!!
Ben Winck May 24, 2011
The Koreans are stepping up their automotive industry
Mike Botté May 21, 2011
@Jorge it goes British to German to Japanese to American then Korean but to me I'd buy Korean before American. Everything in this country sucks.
Darcy Jackson May 21, 2011
What do you think of this Hyaundai
Bob Thebuilder May 21, 2011
I have a hyundai and it's the worst car I've ever driven. Ride is bad, brakes suck, the interior squeaks We've had it services about 35-40 times in the last 3 years
Michael Palazzo May 21, 2011
and u guys said it was a Mercedes knock off, the interior is greater than or equal to most Mercedes.
Josh Carlisle May 21, 2011
Nice but still wouldn't pay the price tag for a Hyundai.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate May 21, 2011
Do I get free glasses?
Francis Edward Ayala May 21, 2011
For Hyundai that is.