Comments - Report: Citroen To Offer DS3 Airflow Convertible

Published: May 18, 2011
Description: Citroen has had a lot of success with its DS3 lineup. Everything from the standard DS3 hatch, the DS3 WRC Rally edition, the DS4 crossover, and the upcoming DS5 have helped to re-establish the French ...
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Patrick Kennedy May 18, 2011
I know, Citroens are awesome. Not to mention, people here go crazy over hybrids and stupid crap like that when they dont know the real damage it does to the environment, when desiels get similer or better gas mileage.
Stephen Spackman May 18, 2011
It's a shame these guys do not bring their cars stateside.
Andy Rogers May 20, 2011
The DS3 is an awesome car in every way! The only current Citroen I would buy
Abdelkader Jamal Eddin May 18, 2011
Very nice looking car , but it's 2 expensive I would buy scirocco
Francis Edward Ayala May 18, 2011
Daytime running lights?
Vincent Butler May 18, 2011
Just ugly enough said
Description: This setup would be more cost effective for Citroen due to not having to develop a full-fledged convertible. The engineering issues that would need to be solve involve making sure the body retains its...
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Andy Rogers May 20, 2011
SWEET little car like the Fiat 500
Patrick Kennedy May 18, 2011
I think it'd look good all black with polished aluminum wheels.
Andy Arana May 18, 2011
Not a fan of those rims.