Comments - Kia Looking To Develop Roadster Halo Model

Published: May 17, 2011
Description: As Kia looks to move up in the automotive market, the South Korean automaker is reportedly looking into building a roadster that would serve as their halo model. The proposed roadster would be a two-s...
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Reinaldo Puchu Piñate May 18, 2011
Get something better like a genesis equivalent or genesis coupe
Andy Rogers May 17, 2011
The halo car for Kia would be something like an MX5
Gray Conron Mar 02, 2013
Ill take the plane contraption thing please
Duncan Gibson Aug 31, 2011
Looks kinda like some sorta insect, like a firefly maybe
Chris Friend May 25, 2011
Taylor James Garfield May 21, 2011
I think it has potential.
Gary Welch May 19, 2011
This car is for the ladies so all you men out there calm down... I'm starting to feel that you want to drive it and are upset that there wasn't a hot chick on the hood. All auto makers take from each other besides have you seen the micro car on the streets. The car is nice there I said it...
Ori Haviv May 18, 2011
@ Keil exactly. Veyron grill, eclipse bumper, tiburon headlights
Andy Rogers May 17, 2011
Not too bad but typical copying from the Koreans
Kenneth Williams May 17, 2011
Looks like master splinters car. Kinda got a mini rat thing goin
Christian Hauser May 17, 2011
I'd rather drive a prius over this:0 and hate the prius
Loris Galloway May 17, 2011
Front looks like an angry Chinese person.
Jp Martin May 17, 2011
What's with the glyder thing
Andy Kleschick May 17, 2011
So basically Kia took a veyron and put it on uglysteroids
Steve Arico May 17, 2011
That does explain alot. Ive actually built up some respect for Kia in the last 2 yrs. I thought id lost most of it after thinking theyd just designed this, but if its from 8yrs ago all is forgiven.
Abdelkader Jamal Eddin May 17, 2011
Guys guys , this concept was made in 2003 come on .
Bryan Thomsen May 17, 2011
I do see Puegeot and Veyron
Tyson Stewart May 17, 2011
Am I crazy, because I kinda like this?!?
Jonathan Newcastle May 17, 2011
Interior is nice but the exterior is terrible!
Steve Arico May 17, 2011
I laugh when i read people saying i see this or that car in this car. But in this car, its got peugeot cues all over.
William Ramirez May 17, 2011
FYI, Kia you still suck!
Ori Haviv May 17, 2011
Back bumper kind of looks like the new eclipse
Ori Haviv May 17, 2011
I do not see a veyron in this at all
Kevin Watson May 17, 2011
If this car was on the Maury show, " veyron? You ARE the father! Lol
Patrick Kennedy May 17, 2011
Make a hamstar version
Description: So far, Kia has not announced any specific styling details, but it's very likely it would be an evolution of the current design language. It makes sense for Kia to go in this direction and the co...
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Necota Staples Oct 01, 2011
I like it, and I'm glad that Kia is leading the way to tomorrow's car. I'm so tired of Honda and Toyota suburban, generic, and antiquated designs. It's like the entire industry is too scared to build the future car. BMW did well with the Z4 (a rad design shift from the smooth designs of the 90's) now everyone is doing angles. Now Kia is pushing the concept car to the production line!!
Blaise Stevensen May 18, 2011
I can't believe this is getting anything besides criticizing comments. It's hideous!
Brady Fereday May 17, 2011
Ya this was done in 03 people come on and read the article xD
Tom Franquelli May 17, 2011
Looks like a cartoon Eclipse...but no need to worry, it's an old concept, nothing to do with what the new model may look like.
Ori Haviv May 17, 2011
I see eclipse but not beetle
Scott Westphall May 17, 2011
Hideous. Very disappointing considering the roll they' been on. Looks like a VW beetle mated with a Mitsu Eclipse. Not liking this.
Kevin Watson May 17, 2011
I love the curves,Kia I'm very impressed with their ideas!
Christian Billman May 19, 2011
I wouldn't drive it but its funky in a good way, I'd probably buy one for the kids
Abe Merboth May 17, 2011
The only way they can keep this car from sucking is if they use a 2.0 liter turbo charged four cylinder or larger. It just needs horse power
Emmitt Turns Wright May 17, 2011
That slant in the shoulder line is...different
Michael Schwartz May 17, 2011
This car looks exactly like the eclipse from the rear. Wow Kia way to copy a failed design by Mitsubishi.
Lee Stratton May 17, 2011
It looks like someone gave it a wedgie.