Comments - Land Rover Studying Idea For An All-New Defender

Published: May 01, 2011
Description: Although details are extremely limited right now, Land Rover is in the earliest of earliest of phases in planning development for an all-new Defender. For now, the automaker is only studying what exac...
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Carlos Paul Jun 12, 2011
Land Rovers beats everything !!!!
Patrick Schalk May 03, 2011
The H1 maybe. But not the other ones.
Spencer Peirce May 01, 2011
I can't believe this article is up! I JUST passed an old rigged up defender on the highway! Gave him the thumbs up! It was awesome! I would take an old defender but pats right, I doubt anyone will take it seriously besides some prick w/ daddy's money
Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
@Ian But here though, Land Rovers and MUCH more expensive. I'd take a Defender over a Jeep, but I would not be able to buy one any time soon
Tyson Broadbent May 01, 2011
Sitting in a '95 RHD 110 right now :)
Kyle Wyatt May 01, 2011
Are you kidding '97 defenders still go for 30-50 grand how do you call that bad resale
Patrick Kennedy May 01, 2011
I'll take a jeep. Like Patrick said, very easy to maintain. Not to mention, most land rovers have awful resale values
Patrick Schalk May 01, 2011
Everyone knows this is just gonna be another mall crawler. I'll take the jeep. Cheap, cheap parts, can change my own oil, and will be able to outperform this. Booyah!
Julian Pilinci May 01, 2011
I think Blake was talking about the Defender, not Land Rover in general.
Oscar Martinsson May 22, 2011
When are they goIng to put the defender in as an option when you choose models??
Francis Edward Ayala May 03, 2011
Hope the next one will be so much better looking!!
Patrick Schalk May 02, 2011
I bet these are close to 60k
Tyson Broadbent May 02, 2011
Isn't the Hilux more of a tundra?
Patrick Schalk May 02, 2011
And Toyota Hilux. That's one bad truck
Patrick Short May 01, 2011
if you live in Canada you kinda need an SUV in winter
Will Conover May 01, 2011
Ya they made one. Here some stats Top speed; 180's 0-60; under 5 seconds
Will Conover May 01, 2011
The D8 is that crazy fast Spyker. It's also called the peking to paris
Chen Edward Song May 01, 2011
Hummer H1 also the best car for off road
Nick Morella May 01, 2011
Yea, the original ml320 could handle itself off road as well, not to mention the porsche cayenne, with a good set of off road tires that thing can cross rivers... (and yes, I've seen pics of it doing so..)
Will Conover May 01, 2011
And what about ssuv like the Q7, D8, ml63 AMG
Jeremy Siebert May 01, 2011
U made me authorize Facebook w/that comment. Land Cruiser, LX470, any Range Rover or Land Rover profuse accept the Sport & a few other Lux SUV's would leave the rap-video Navigator @ the Trail-head.
Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
Land Rovers and Jeeps are the only SUVs I would ever consider (the whole range) to be cool
Description: What's known at this point is that a new Defender would likely feature an adaptable chassis that will fit a variety of body types such as pickups, wagons, and convertibles. Once Land Rover has fi...
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Tyson Broadbent May 05, 2011
This was first though, but it shares some qualities with those cars.
Peter Bruschi May 04, 2011
is it me or does it look a little like a 60s bronco crossed with a wrangler with landrover grill nd other junk on it
Tyson Broadbent May 02, 2011
Went around Australia in a 15 year old Defender 110. No aircon, or anything plush, but it was great! Just kept going and going! Way better than a jeep!
Patrick Schalk May 02, 2011
And that's exactly what they are for. Despite all those things people still buy Jeeps because they are good at what they do.
Adam Sampson May 01, 2011
Might be cheap to fix in the US but anywhere else parts are pricier than Mercedes.
Grant Paquin May 01, 2011
Just Enjoy Every Problem
Adam Sampson May 01, 2011
Pedigree's all well and good, but when your up to your windows in mud u want a landcruiser or a patrol. The defenders are good too, but jeeps are shocking. Good when they work properly, but there's the problem.
Mattaius Younger May 01, 2011
Jeeps and land rovers are the only two 4x4s with pedigree - although some models are sanitized for consumption (LR4, Cherokee, Patriot etc) the 'originals' of the Defender and the Wrangler ate NOT SUVs but proper, bare essentials offroaders
Ahmed Hanif May 01, 2011
Yea, I'd buy a wrangler instead..
Patrick Schalk May 01, 2011
Ian Jeeps actually see trails, mud, dirt, water, rocks, etc. LRs see speed bumps in the mall parking lot and water when it rains.
Cody Mitchell May 01, 2011
Ugly. Go buy a Jeep instead.
Shaylen Kumar Patel May 01, 2011
This will probably be expensive as hell. But I would buy it
Julian Pilinci May 01, 2011
The Defender is the best off-road ever!
Morgan Dame May 01, 2011
I see deffenders in my town all the time there's at least 6 of them
Alex Cameron May 01, 2011
Sweet design, not so luxury based it would seem
Mattaius Younger May 01, 2011
Ahmed - I think you'll find it's the other way round
Ahmed Hanif May 01, 2011
Lol looks like indian Tata jeep..
Jeremy Siebert May 01, 2011
@Carson: it's called a departure angle. Hang your but way past the rear tires and you'll be dragging it off rocks, through sand dunes, or into the mud. I've got 2 Jeeps and this is one vehicle I'd trade for. Beastly
Rithhin Jawahar Sceptic May 02, 2011
This is probably to compete with the mercedes G55 AMG!!
Rollie Olson Aug 25, 2011
That just looks awesome. If land rover made it with a nice leather interior like the g class it would be my favorite car
Tyson Broadbent May 04, 2011
Yes it does, the defender 110.
Mattaius Younger May 01, 2011
Drew seriously - farmers all over the place use Defenders as they are 4x4s not SUVs. Also out of Iraq the US special forces used defenders instead if Hummers because they were far supierior over the desert etc.
Ian Richard Hendry May 01, 2011
You don't know what you're talking about Drew. Go into the mountains of Wales and all you see farmers in us Defenders. They are hugely competent off road.
Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
@Ian Yep. Not one of the best looking car's in the world, but it's a Land Rover. What else needs to be said?