Comments - First Look: Nissan Quest

Published: Apr 04, 2011
Description: Minivan sales are a fraction of what they were in the vehicle's heyday, but the end of the SUV era means that practicality is making a comeback as a factor in determining what people buy. This ha...
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Dexter Cordero Aug 27, 2011
Don't mind Andy. He's just a mindless, ignorant pre-pubescent who likes to troll around here.
Hamza Hamid Apr 04, 2011
I actually care, I'm looking for a new mini van myself
Andy Rogers Apr 04, 2011
*yawn* Indeed Why even bother with minivan reviews CarBuzz? Literally nobody here cares
Marques Bigboi Johnson Oct 20, 2011
Haha Dexter true that!
Dexter Cordero Aug 27, 2011
Folks, lets all understand that for our friend Andy Rogers, the only vehicles he considers worthy of owing, driving and riding in have only 2 seats, have 1000 hp and look cool to highschool girls.
Andrew Suleiman Apr 25, 2011
Definitely the ugliest minivan I've ever seen or car for that matter
Tyler Chess Apr 05, 2011
If I had a need for minivans which I don't I'd go with this one. It looks good.
Francis Edward Ayala Apr 05, 2011
Mercedes-Benz R Class for me
Jim Nguyen Apr 04, 2011
This ain't a swagger wagon, this is a lunch box on wheels lol. Gonna stick with a sienna or a odyssey if I'm shopping in this class.
Landon Combass Apr 04, 2011
I would go with a Chrysler Town & Country.
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Apr 04, 2011
Has to be one of the most ugliest thing ever made..
Mattaius Younger Apr 04, 2011
Trust me Andy...if you had 4 or 5 kids you'd take a minivan in a heartbeat as that is what they're designed for. It's horses for course, if you only have a couple kids they are not worth it BUT the space and flexibility us unsurpassed.
Andy Rogers Apr 04, 2011
I'm with none of you I wouldn't take any minivans
Jorge Martins Apr 04, 2011
I'm with Jorge vv lol
Description: It is now almost hard to believe that the Quest was once nothing more than a rebadged Mercury Villager. The looks of the new Quest have drawn some fire, but I feel this is undeserved. It has been crit...
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Andrew Suleiman Apr 25, 2011
Functional with a little bit of flare
Description: The Quest knows it's a minivan, it makes the most of this, and I think it does it well. The interior has also been drastically changed, again for the better. It is on equal footing, in terms of q...
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Landon Combass Apr 05, 2011
I <3 Chrysler Town & Country :)
Joe Lee Apr 05, 2011
The windows look great without any plastic trims.
Cearbhall Beggan Apr 05, 2011
Dont suppose curves are on the option list. Are the cup holders square too?
Thomas Holland Apr 04, 2011
I like it more too and the boxyness is probably there to save room, also aerodynamics don't really apply back there.
Mattaius Younger Apr 04, 2011
Agree the older one was funky at least...this is squared off just like the others all done.
David Bright Apr 04, 2011
I think it is waaaay too boxy
Description: The dual-pane sunroof is a very nice touch, and there is quite a bit glass overall on the Quest, giving the cabin an airy feeling as well as giving the driver an excellent view of the outside. There i...
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Thomas Holland Apr 04, 2011
Ouch, kids are scared for life!
Description: It's still better than that of a sedan, but this is very much a vehicle for hauling people. If you need something for moving furniture, the Quest would be a bad choice. Handling is decent, inasmu...
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Thomas Holland Apr 04, 2011
Dodge sucks, why even mention that?
Francis Bourguignon Apr 04, 2011
or wait for the dodge grand caravan r/r
Adam Zarytsky Apr 04, 2011
If you're buying a minivan and expecting performance then you need to face reality
Adam Zarytsky Apr 04, 2011
My mom has a cvt murano. It's not bad as people make it seem to be, but it's probably the worst for an enthusiast. It make a smooth ride, although I'd prefer a DCT too. But in a minivan u don't need to have a quick tranny, it's better to be smooth
Erik Olsen Apr 04, 2011
Agreed on the cvt comment. CVT sucks, let's abandon that crap tech and go DCT!
Jim Nguyen Apr 04, 2011
This isn't a Quest's job! Bring in the Titan! Or at least the frontier...
Description: The Quest does have some drawbacks, but those aren't drawbacks which will affect everyone, and if you aren't one of those who would be affected, this would make a very good buy.
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Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Dec 30, 2011
That windshield wiper with the quest is like a really ugly steroid junkie with a small "package" haha
Vinay Rao May 20, 2011
The back looks terrible and boxy, especially with the small wiper
Tyler Chess Apr 05, 2011
Small wiper for such a big ass window lol rear end looks nice but the over all color not so much
Bryan Adams Apr 04, 2011
(a car that I refuse to believe nissan actually made)
Bryan Adams Apr 04, 2011
Reminds me of the cube (a car