Comments - RENM Tuned Audi R8 V10 RMS Spyder

Published: Apr 28, 2011
Description: RENM Performance has released their take on the Audi R8, dubbed the R8 V10 RMS Spyder. This creation is a lighter, faster and more exclusive version of the popular vehicle. It features carbon kevlar m...
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Sebastian Grey Apr 28, 2011
Great use of the English language Duncan.
Duncan Jolley Apr 28, 2011
I think the coupe are so much better looking.
Chris Clark Apr 28, 2011
Looks nice, I like the mismatched paint around the windshield
David Sasso Apr 28, 2011
youre boring us with stuff we already knew. you asked a question and people answered you
Duncan Jolley Apr 28, 2011
You're boring me with stuff I already know.
Andy Rogers Apr 28, 2011
Still an awesome car
Duncan Jolley Apr 28, 2011
Pedro, if you know something that doesn't mean everyone else knows but at least you aren't completely clueless.
Duncan Jolley Apr 28, 2011
Did you guys know that the R8 has some lambo parts in it.
Ján Kubecka Apr 28, 2011
@ Brady I'm fairly sure you are thinking of the r8 tuned by PPI razor looks very similar. And hahaha at the funny paint matching
Michael Palazzo Apr 28, 2011
I'm with Joe on this one, but its bot an option in the Spyder.
Brady Fereday Apr 28, 2011
Lol and paint match the windshield next time xD
Brady Fereday Apr 28, 2011
I swear another company did an r8 that looked exactly like this one xD
Description: Power has been raised to 591-horsepower thanks to modifications that include an ECU recalibration, carbon fiber air intakes, light-weight performance exhaust, race hydraulic height-adjustable suspensi...
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Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
It's all preference. The Veyron has "only" 1000hp from an 8.0L W16. We make 1200hp from a 6.2L V8!
AJ Haverly Apr 28, 2011
But you know you would perfer the 8.4l viper
Cristian Hernandez Apr 28, 2011
I was thinking about this and their engine displacement is Alot less than 8.4L
Nico Morelli Apr 28, 2011
The point isn't to get the most power from the engine. It's to get enough power for the car to perform but for it to still be manageable.
Cristian Hernandez Apr 28, 2011
Thts kind of disappointing an American v10 makes 600hp I wouldn't thought a tuned GERMAN engine would make more than that
Zamiyaad Kausmally Apr 28, 2011
And 0 torque? *troll
Andy Rogers Apr 28, 2011
591hp? That's it. Very small amount *troll face*
Jaden Jackson May 01, 2011
My mom has a hyuandi genesis and the interior is sexy.look it up before u talk about hyuandi interior
Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
@Pedro Hey! GM, and I must hatefully admit to make a point: Kia and Hyundai have decent interiors these days
John Park Apr 28, 2011
I like the gated shifter better but this is still nice
Austin Bride Apr 28, 2011
Nah man corvettes interior is better. Just kidding this is cleaan
Patrick Schalk Apr 28, 2011
At least this is tasteful. And thank God there's no suede
Michael Palazzo Apr 28, 2011
the carbon steering wheel is sweet.
Michael Palazzo Apr 28, 2011
@ Andrew, thus isn't meant to be a cheap affordable car, its a super car super cars have higher standards.
Michael Palazzo Apr 28, 2011
it looks the same with added plastic.
Sam McCracken Jul 23, 2013
The exhaust looks like it came from an veryon
Andy Rogers May 01, 2011
Looks more like a Murcielago LP640 exhaust
Elias Saba Apr 29, 2011
With those monster wheels, a launch would be incredible.
Bilal Saeed Apr 28, 2011
Only one thing I dont like, there should not be a middle tail light on something so sexy!!!
Alex Cameron Apr 28, 2011
Some fatties on the back, looks sweet
Chris Clark Apr 28, 2011
Wow, that looks awesome, prefer it over the original