Comments - New York 2011: 2012 Chrysler 300C SRT8

Published: Apr 23, 2011
Description: Pictures of the all-new 2012 Chrysler 300C SRT8 have already been circulating the internet in the form of spy shots. But official details and photos are now out from the automaker just in time for the...
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Ken Madison Apr 24, 2011
We make it bigger because we want torque to be right with the Hp if not higher. Torque=stroke. Plain and simple. I guess we could have our 6.2 liter engines spinning at 8-9k RPMs to get hp like Asian engines.
Cristian Hernandez Apr 24, 2011
I was waiting for this one with the same engine in the 392 challenger the 6.4 :0
Jorge Martins Apr 24, 2011
I remember back in the day when I had my civic with a b16 engine, beat the 300c. lol the driver followed me to the store just to ask how it was possible.
Sean M. Penfield Apr 23, 2011
Too bad my parent's Honda's are more powerful per cubic centimeter
Tom Franquelli Apr 23, 2011
Those gauges in the last pic, classy as hell. Okay, maybe not all, really. But I like them a lot. Haha
Taylor J. Blake Apr 25, 2011
Bentley aston Audi mixed. With the brute power from America!
Austin Johnson Apr 24, 2011
I like it, but I personally think it needs to be sportier.
Landon Combass Apr 23, 2011
This car is fierce & none are alike Mopar offers an endless amount of SRT8 grills. The 6.4 with fuel saver technology is amazing.
Kabir Suri Apr 23, 2011
American cars are finally catching up to the imports
Gib Terwilliger Apr 23, 2011
I have been waiting on this car for a while!
Namhoon Lee Apr 23, 2011
One thing that is cool; we don't have to see that barbecue grill anymore!
Tom Franquelli Apr 23, 2011
Hmm. I mean, I like this new (ish) body, but it's kind of a little more Bentley.
Description: Chrysler says that we can expect a zero to 60 mph time in the "high four-second range." nThe exterior sports new front and rear fascias, side skirts, dual four-inch exhaust tips, and 20-inch...
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Patrick Schalk Apr 24, 2011
Lookin good. I'm so happy to see Chrysler and all their counterparts getting back on track. Their new models and interiors are absolutely outstanding.
Lesta DeSouza Apr 24, 2011
This is beautiful and I hope they come with some kind of sunroof. Because this one doesn't have one.
Ori Haviv Apr 24, 2011
What kind of audi do you see in this? Doesn't even look similar
Dario Zeco Apr 24, 2011
Looks like an Audi from last year.
Zamiyaad Kausmally Apr 24, 2011
Looks like a sleeper
Brady Fereday Apr 23, 2011
If it docent way a shut load it will but I bet it will be heavy as hell
Duncan Jolley Apr 23, 2011
This car will do some stomping!
Landon Combass Apr 26, 2011
I love the blacked out headlights
Kabir Suri Apr 23, 2011
I think they should have put some 5 spoke wheels on there instead
Kenneth Williams Apr 24, 2011
It has a luxury(ist) feel to it
Gib Terwilliger Apr 23, 2011
Yeah I love this car but a little more aggressive body kit would make it look crazy
Andy Rogers Apr 23, 2011
I thought the last 300 looked ridiculous, but in a bad way. I think this one is much better. And I agree it needs a more aggressive front
Tom Franquelli Apr 23, 2011
I agree entirely. When the 300 came out, it was pretty ballsy. They toned it down a bit, but it still looks good.
Brady Fereday Apr 23, 2011
I think it needs a more aggressive front end the rest looks good
Dale Fredriks Apr 25, 2011
The rears too tall, just like the last one. And the wheel arches need to come out more. Can't wait for a tuner to give this an awesome body kit. Just not too low, please?
Eric Guillemette Apr 24, 2011
I see old Monte Carlo
Vincent Butler Apr 24, 2011
Damn that's a beautiful car.
Ravneet Singh Oct 28, 2011
Beautiful I love it...
Colby Katzberg Apr 26, 2011
Really nice looking car, I'd gladly drive one of these any day
Adam Vinski Apr 25, 2011
Like the analog haha pretty good looking interior, wish I could see it firsthand. step in the right direction for america
Patrick Schalk Apr 24, 2011
Yeah Chad the 382 has a manual option. Matter of fact I haven't even heard if they are gonna be making the SRT8s automatic anymore. I don't think they should anyway.
Chad Schley Apr 24, 2011
They need to offer a 6spd manual in this. Is there a manual challenger 392?
Ryan Chapman Apr 24, 2011
Its even got an analog clock!
Omar Alsakkaf Apr 24, 2011
They could have done a better Job
Ori Haviv Apr 24, 2011
@Andy. I just sat in the new 300 today at the car show. The interior is wack. The srt8 looks nice but the regular 300 are so plain
Kevin Watson Apr 24, 2011
I guess the American car makers is finally listening to consumers. Way to to go!
Tyler McCready Apr 24, 2011
Well as long as the materials are as good as they look, that's a damn fine interior.
Landon Combass Apr 23, 2011
Yes that is real leather but them seats are anything but soft. Them are SRT bucket seats their very hard. The regular 300 & 300C are very comfortable.
Gib Terwilliger Apr 23, 2011
I really like this interior. That new leather in chryslers is so soft. Also it is the only car company whose new car smell isn't toxic to your body
Andy Rogers Apr 23, 2011
Can't wait for people to start hating on the interior because it's American