Comments - A Few Details Emerge About Ferrari Enzo Successor

Published: Apr 19, 2011
Description: With Ferrari set to debut the long-awaited Enzo replacement sometime around 2012-13, a few details are beginning to emerge as to what can be expected. Since the Enzo was released, a little car called ...
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Jonathan Newcastle Apr 20, 2011
I'd much rather have a ultra high-revving (Opel Calibra spec) N/A in a lightweight frame more closely mimicking the Formula 1 experience...
Patrick Schalk Apr 19, 2011
Lots of torque= wheel spin = not going anywhere for a few seconds.
Elias Saba Apr 19, 2011
I don't think it is from a Ferrari. Someone correct if I'm wrong, but the high horsepower comes from revving to the moon, while the torque isn't substantially increased at high rpms.
Wilfredo Cumare Nunes Apr 19, 2011
torque is too low for 651hp
Eric Guillemette Apr 19, 2011
Veyron and Enzo. Both amazing
Spencer Peirce Apr 19, 2011
Yeah I'm not sure why Pedro, mine got deleted too, it's happened a few times. I also noticed on a dif chain your spelling/grammar comments/corrections, its my biggest pet peeve, I just try to ignore it lol.
Jamie Mcpherson Apr 19, 2011
When I think of Ferrari I think v-12, IMO ferraris flagship models should always be v-12
Erik Olsen Apr 19, 2011
Veyron is just a big engine and price tag.
Andy Rogers Apr 19, 2011
Sweet! Enzo successor!
Jack Tubio Apr 19, 2011
Saw both of these cars at a museum today. Absolutly stunning.
Rithhin Jawahar Apr 19, 2011
Well the veyron is pure engineering marvel!! It has every luxury you could ask for AND the reach those INSANE speeds ! So Veyron-> RESPECT
Miguel Angel Rodriguez Apr 19, 2011
why not a twin-turbo-super-mega-ultra-charged V14?
Bill Gray Apr 19, 2011
Good thought Joe. Ever thought about working for s car design team?
Buddy Robinson Apr 19, 2011
Maybe a twin turbo v8 because that is what the F40 had, and that was a rocket...
Adam Vinski Apr 19, 2011
Cant wait, don't disappoint everyone Ferrari
Brennon Aucoin Apr 19, 2011
Futurama is awesome, Nathen you have a good taste in tv shows
Jason Dykhoff Apr 19, 2011
Lol a Asian is driving
Vanagram Vance Apr 19, 2011
Best sounding car ever!! Love this beast
Luke Bailey Apr 19, 2011
im with austin, the f40 is my favorite....
Charlie Austin Apr 19, 2011
The FXX is an Enzo..
Charlie Austin Apr 19, 2011
The Enzo was just never as good as the f40 or f50
Francis Edward Ayala Apr 19, 2011
Enzo was sold by invitation. A customer must have bought an F40 and F50 just to be considered as a potential buyer for this model.
Andy Rogers Apr 19, 2011
I like the 458 better than the Enzo too, but the Enzo is still stunning to look at
Patrick Schalk Apr 19, 2011
I know this is a crazy statement but I think the Italia 458 is the best Ferrari. Looks wise. Let it begin!
Austin Johnson Apr 19, 2011
Good point, Andrew, but personally, I'd have neither of them.
Bill Gray Apr 19, 2011
Hard to beat the look of this car.
Brady Fereday Apr 19, 2011
I love the Enzo but the FXX is my top choice I want mr shouemokers :) ya and I know I spelt that wrong lol
Austin Bride Apr 19, 2011
F40 looks better in my eyes.
Francis Edward Ayala Apr 19, 2011
The driver's too short!
Sage Washabaugh Apr 19, 2011
This is my most favorite car such a beauty!!!!!
Description: And like the Enzo being sort of an experiment for Ferrari regarding the application of Formula 1-inspired traits such as the carbon fiber body, F1 gearbox, and ceramic disc brakes, the new car will co...
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Andy Rogers Apr 19, 2011
This will probably end being faster than a 599 GTO around Fiorano. I'll be surprised if it isn't
Andrew Mullin Apr 19, 2011
@ andrew (boy thats weird to write haha) im not a huge fan of the bugs looks either, but the only reason its shaped that way is areodinamics ...
Anthony Noon Apr 19, 2011
The GTB race car had this too
Johannes Wesselhoeft Apr 19, 2011
Of course it will, it'll just be lighter and faster. The bug is a beast
Adam Vinski Apr 19, 2011
Fancy aerodynamics but will it beat veyron in any stats?
Mariano Vertiz Jan 01, 2013
Looks like a fat-red ish F1 car 😀
Brad Doan Apr 20, 2011
This looks too 70s-80s ish for me
Evan Holbrook Apr 19, 2011
Where the h*ll did you get ugly out of this car?
Josh Carlisle Apr 19, 2011
It's so ugly it's beautiful. Next to the f1 in the 90s my favorite car. I don't care if it's not the fastest car it's just a trophy car that I would give up almost anything to have.
Mariano Vertiz Jan 01, 2013
If there was a Lamborghini aventador it would win, that thing launches like an animal!!!
Mariano Vertiz Jan 01, 2013
I'd have the sls
Ferrari Bridges May 22, 2011
Bcuz of it's awesomness
Stanley Kousik May 17, 2011
The one and only one I love
Josh Myers Apr 22, 2011
My friend has one and it is sick