Comments - Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Cars Coming to the LBC

Published: Apr 18, 2011
Description: Long Beach, California will be hosting the third round of the 2011 Sports Car Club of America World Challenge season. One of the presenters in this round will be Cadillac Racing and their team recentl...
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Description: The CTS-V Coupe race cars are based on the production variant of the vehicle, which is manufactured at GM's Grand River assembly plant. The racer is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 delivering 556-horse...
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Brett Powers Apr 19, 2011
Because of the regulations for power to weight ratio.
Chad Schley Apr 18, 2011
Stomped the competition that is.
Chad Schley Apr 18, 2011
556 detuned to about 430hp. The vipers had the highest top speed yesterday on shoreline dr. At 189...... Cadillacs were Toping out around 165 due to the restrictors. I guess it's probably a good thing because they would have stomped them.
Javier Benites Apr 19, 2011
ill rather see the sedan as a racecar. the coupe looks more like a wagon or hatch lol. too fat for my taste. overall i have to say it looks pretty sick as a racecar.
Scott Harrington Apr 19, 2011
if u don't have haters. your doin something wrong
Evan Holbrook Apr 19, 2011
Oh, and racing history.
Evan Holbrook Apr 19, 2011
Yeah you can't really argue when a car has it all. Performance, luxury, build quality, and IMO looks.
Barrett Breitenbucher Apr 18, 2011
Thomas Holland (second comment), you suck and obviously have no knowledge or taste in cars because this vehicle is as beautiful as an Italian exotic yet still follows the rules to American muscle. This car is heaven, and you are a douche bag.
Elias Saba Apr 18, 2011
The coupe is one of my dream cars. It is beautiful.
Daniel Hernandez Apr 18, 2011
I want one! What a sexy car
Evan Holbrook Apr 18, 2011
Love this automobile.
Vincent Butler Apr 18, 2011
No matter what you have or do. Always gonna have haters. Sexy car
Brian Fyffe-Lebron Apr 18, 2011
I think this car is absolutely the style,performance, and design of this car...i would love to race in a beautiful car like this...that guy down there has no taste whats so ever...i think they have made it this year cuz of this car :))
Jeron D. Vernon Apr 18, 2011
Cadillac cts is the fastest in it's class and it's styling is just pure beauty. That idiot down there is a fool.
Adam Vinski Apr 18, 2011
Yeah it's ignorant but I agree theyre ugly maybe it's just my taste but they look fat and I don't like the lines.. Especially this one
Patrick Schalk Apr 18, 2011
Anyone wanna see the most ignorant comment ever? Look below this one
Thomas Holland Apr 18, 2011
God they are so ugly, what happened to these cars, it's like some redneck from the 80's did this. Also who makes a car off of an arrow design!?!?
Michael Palazzo Apr 18, 2011
Oh yeah! Saw one of these in Detroit, they are tight!