Comments - Latvian Team Plans to Enter Dakar Rally With An EV

Published: Apr 17, 2011
Description: Latvian race car builder OSCar has decided to enter the Dakar Rally in a new rally vehicle that will be solely powered by an electric motor. According to Andris Dambis, director of OSC, "electric...
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Joey Pena Apr 20, 2011
@John. ur welcome and lol funny way of saying it, but true. I hope it goes back to it's normal location soon. and for a Mercedes Unimog to beat all.
John Gartner Apr 19, 2011
@ Joey, thanks for the update! That's totally lame, I was in Dakar, Senegal in 2009 and it was totally fine, I'm still alive. What's a race without a few people dying?
Brett Powers Apr 17, 2011
Seriously, take away the combustion engine and things get boring. No awesome exhaust, no turbos, no superchargers. Just imagine silent Toyota Priuses, booooooring!
Andy Rogers Apr 17, 2011
The more EVs fail, like here, the quicker this stupid EV craze will go away. Smart people know for a fact that they aren't the future
Andy Rogers Apr 17, 2011
You do know it's an EV right? Car enthusiasts hate EVs
Joey Pena Apr 17, 2011
John, due to violence, terrorists, unrest, and possibly al gore (not really). they moved the rally to south america. still an incredibly challenging route though.
John Gartner Apr 17, 2011
Uh pretty sure the Dakar rally is in North Africa and Southern Europe rather than South America... Thus the Paris-Dakar name. Paris being the starting city (that's in France) and Dakar being the ending city (that's in Senegal which is in West Africa)
Andy Rogers Apr 17, 2011
Idiots Hope they completely fail
Andy Rogers Apr 17, 2011
Why is it that when you typed Citroen, the e is replaced with A with an accent mark (don't know how to spell actual name of it) and a Spanish quotation mark
Description: The car will be powered by a permanent magnet motor that produces somewhere between 180 and 315 kW with between 370 and 590 lb-ft of torque. The OSCar eO will be an electric version of the Chevrolet L...
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Daniel Hernandez Apr 18, 2011
Not really an EV if it depends on gasoline for its power source, FAIL
Spencer Peirce Apr 17, 2011
Yeah I don't get that either..
Andy Rogers Apr 17, 2011
Smart cars, similar top speeds
David Bright Apr 17, 2011
Then who are they competing against?
Description: There will also be a regenerative braking system which will help the racer go for about 190 miles in light conditions. As backup, OSCar will be sending a support truck and a gas powered e3 to insure t...
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