Comments - Volkswagens New Crafter Work Van

Published: Apr 16, 2011
Description: Occasionally we report on commercial vehicles, and today we have news about Volkswagen's take on that class. Volkswagen has been striving to carve out a chunk of the market where big vans are use...
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Ian Richard Hendry Apr 17, 2011
Has anyone commenting "copy of this, copy of that" wondered just how original you can make a van?
Tyler Chess Apr 17, 2011
Lol nvm answered my own question but vw needs to start think of their own ideas.
Tyler Chess Apr 17, 2011
Looks like a dodge sprinter. Not sure if it is tho I hope not. Vw and dodge do not make a good team.
Jason Dannheim Apr 16, 2011
First thing I noticed, Jesse. Good looking work horse.
Emir Sinanovic Apr 16, 2011
Transit is indeed a copy of the VW Bus, on which all of the vans in US were based on.
Description: The van was developed in coordination with Mercedes-Benz and is based on the Sprinter chassis. Volkswagen was instrumental in developing the van's driveline and new front-end stylings. The range ...
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Patrick Schalk Apr 17, 2011
Because on the VWs you push down on the shifter and into what would be 1st to put it in reverse.
Jason Dannheim Apr 16, 2011
That radio/nav system looks like it was lifted straight from my '04 M-B S430. Weird.