Description: The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, England may not be well known, but Ford has decided to unveil the Transit SuperSportVan (SSV) ahead of its scheduled debut. The SSV is pretty much a massive ...
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Wildabeast Jenkins Apr 15, 2011
Le mans style hu? I guess they mean business
Stephen Ishard Apr 15, 2011
Didn't they make a smartfortwo sport car 98 horsepower with a supercharger haha
Jerrod Swenson Apr 15, 2011
Perhaps, conversely, ford is trying to broaden the SSV fleet badge in other places by temporarily reassociating the badge, then selling it as the same thing. What use would be the use of using the same name twice within the same brand? It is
Vincent Butler Apr 15, 2011
Zachary it's just a name that's all relax kid. Check out motorhomes alot of them say sport or rally. Just means it's probably fully loaded.
Mattaius Younger Apr 15, 2011
Then everyone us wring because if you look it up everyone calls it the SuperSportVan - remember this is UK who do not have the Expedition and it does say SuperSportVan on it too - maybe SSV is used in Ford elsewhere differently?
Jerrod Swenson Apr 15, 2011
The writer of the article is wrong SSV stands for Special Service Vehicle which is used for higher performance fleet vehicle packages. They have an Expedition SSV also which is designed for police.
Brett Powers Apr 15, 2011
Zach, do you realize how few production cars can run a 10 second quarter?
Westly Burgos Apr 15, 2011
Aero package, about as aerodynamic as a freaking wall!
Zach Stewart Apr 15, 2011
I hate all of the idiots taking the name/badge of sport models and slapping it on pieces of crap that don't deserve the name at all, the sport badge should only go to performance tuned cars that look like they could actually be a 10 sec car
Description: Ford still hasn't released powertrain specifics, and probably won't until the show, but power is most likely provided by a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel engine that can achieve 197-horsepow...
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Michael Davidson Apr 16, 2011
What about the torque? That's what I want to know
Mattaius Younger Apr 15, 2011
Transits are a freaking workhorse though so I would not worry, they keep going for years and years.
Ducati Manning Apr 15, 2011
Corvette, viper, cts-v, Devon gtx. They can all corner well from the factory
Chad Collins Apr 15, 2011
Ehh American cars can only handle straight lines "factory"
Simon Trépanier Apr 15, 2011
Don't forget that It's a diesel so max hp is reached is the lower RPMs and it got high torque! Did you drive a common rail diesel recentry?
Vincent Butler Apr 15, 2011
What I don't understand KP. You can pretty much say anything about Japan's cars. But once someone says anything about american cars. You cry like a little bitch(Female Dog) shit gets annoying.
Thaddeus Wade Apr 16, 2011
I'd love to have one of the V8 Astro vans. :-)
Ian Richard Hendry Apr 15, 2011
There have been cooler Transits. I'm thinking of the Cosworth DFV F1 engined Transit of the 1980s.
Joel Hayes Apr 15, 2011
Nah the jaguar V8 transit van on Top Gear is the best.
Andrew Mullin Apr 15, 2011
"one small step for van, one gient leap for vankind"
Andy Rogers Apr 15, 2011
I find this ridiculous yet cool. The only van I would actually want. Well this and the previous super Transits