Comments - Official Launch Of MINI WRC Team

Published: Apr 14, 2011
Description: Anybody even vaguely familiar with MINI's history knows that the old car was a thundering rally success, setting the standard for affordable cars that also go like stink. MINI enlisted the help o...
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Nick Benz Apr 15, 2011
You dont want much travel when youre powersliding through a giant curve. Otherwise youll get body roll. Look on youtube at the first couple of 90 degree turns the baja trophy trucks take. They've got tons of travel, but tons of body roll.
Tyson Broadbent Apr 15, 2011
I think he means suspension travel.
Andy Rogers Apr 14, 2011
A Mini with modern rally mods just looks so weird, yet cool
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Apr 14, 2011
The suspension just doesn't look like it has much give
Greg Horwitz Apr 14, 2011
To the gentleman far left: please make any face but that one
Sebastian Grey Apr 14, 2011
I agree Andrew he us looks like doesn't.
Tom Franquelli Apr 15, 2011
Lol. Yeah, notice the old mini in the background of the billboard. :p
Andy Rogers Apr 14, 2011
Mini's rally history