Comments - Sportec SP580

Published: Apr 01, 2011
Description: The guys at Sportec know Porsches. So when they released the details of the SP580 Cayenne II Turbo, we were a little underwhelmed. The SP580's 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 makes 580hp (duh), which is ...
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Bryan Adams Apr 02, 2011
Cayennes are pretty sweet, I prefer my touareg though...
Patrick Schalk Apr 02, 2011
Haha Wes 80mph isn't that fast
Westly Burgos Apr 01, 2011
I thought the same thing, until I saw one drift by me going over 80. That gained my respect
Andy Rogers Apr 01, 2011
And what group of friends has only Cayennes? Is there such thing as a Porsche Cayenne owners club? That's definitely one I'm staying FAR away from
Max Festa Bianchet Jun 20, 2011
This is not a Porsche this is an ugly looking SUV Porsche should of never done this they make sport cars not SUV
Brady Pekas Apr 01, 2011
great looking Porsche
Terrell Patrick Apr 01, 2011
I like the whole stance