Description: Florida based tuner RENNtech have released details of their modified Mercedes GLK 350 Hybrid rally racer. If anyone can recall, it was launched at the 2008 SEMA Show to rave reviews. As a result, it...
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Antonio Garabito Mar 08, 2011
Transformer Aproved! LoL!
Grant McHendry Mar 07, 2011
UHHHH.... YES! smexy! Hahaha
Description: The reason? It is preparing for its last publicity tour with Mercedes-Benz USA. It's powered by a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine that been upgraded with a new intake manifold, upgraded camshafts, r...
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Devin Mortenson Dec 08, 2011
I think it looks cool
Andy Rogers Mar 08, 2011
@Chad I'm going to laugh if it breaks some sort of record
Andy Rogers Mar 08, 2011
@Alex Same thing. It's basically a type of rally car and a rally car is a race car. Just different kind of racing
Mike Hawk Mar 08, 2011
This car needs some machine guns and rocket launchers! Maybe some steel mesh for the windows.
Scott M Allen Mar 07, 2011
The fenders don't match up with the car. They don't look like they physically fit....
Evan Holbrook Mar 07, 2011
Not on a street car of coarse but a race car.
Evan Holbrook Mar 07, 2011
Is it wrong that I kind of like this?
Lee Hyatt Mar 07, 2011
This looks retarded. It has the same wing of a 2005 STi
Chad Schley Mar 07, 2011
This thing would do terrible at pikes peak. What a joke.... Only thing it is good for is publicity...... And bad publicity at that point.
Jim Nguyen Mar 07, 2011
Wow, if it wasn't for the big "Mercedes benz" logos on it, I would of never knew it was one...
Patrick Schalk Mar 07, 2011
Race car my anus. This thing is just awful. There's no need for most of that stuff on there. Besides it's a freakin SUV
Andy Rogers Mar 07, 2011
Guys it's a race car. Albeit a stupid one because it's a hybrid I wouldn't mess with it though
Levi Riel Mar 07, 2011
@ jorge im not saying all civics are like that, its just the easist to refer too. And trust me ive seen alot of bimmers like that too. (depressing)
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Mar 07, 2011
And why would you even bring BMWs in this this is a Mercedes
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Mar 07, 2011
Yeah every time I see a BMW with ricetastic stuff all over it makes me die a little inside
Jorge Martins Mar 07, 2011
@ Levi- I drive a civic and it's completely stock looking besides the bbs rims and b16 engine that's pumping out 300hp. Ive seem some funny looking BMWs with a wing that big and a bodykit and neons lights. Lol
Evan Miller Mar 07, 2011
Looks like it's gonna take flight!
Description: Enjoy the video below.
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Ryan Stewart Mar 16, 2011
You guys have no idea what your talking about. I will be there this year and I am so excited to see it. Good job guys.
Jan Kubecka Mar 08, 2011
The music makes my ears bleed
Austin Howard Mar 07, 2011
Is junk just another car sitting on the road. Didn't show any performance just pics. Not impressed in the least to say. I'd rather have a WRX-STI
George Rust Mar 07, 2011
Well the video proved how ugly it is standing still. To bad no action. Disappointing.
Chad Schley Mar 07, 2011
I bet that is fiberglass with the 3M carbon film laid on it. Once again what a joke!!
Anthony Surdo Mar 09, 2011
Almost all the cars at the Hill Climb are freaking awesome!
Andy Rogers Mar 08, 2011
Known as the Escudo since that's what the Vitara is called in Japan (called Sidekick in US). The rear wing alone is quite literally the size of the car. No joke
Andy Rogers Mar 08, 2011
You guys should look at older Pikes Peak cars. For example, remember that girly wannabe Suzuki Vitara thing Richard Hammond used as a cop car in that one TG episode? That got turned into a 800kg, 1000hp Pikes Peak car with MUCH bigger wings and was
Anthony Surdo Mar 08, 2011
Very true Garrett. I live like 5 miles from pikes peak and you do have to have a lot of power for the altitude.
Garrett Skeele Mar 07, 2011
Sweet set up but it's gonna need a helluva alot more hp to make it up the peak, gotta love powerloss with alttitude!
Anthony Surdo Mar 07, 2011
Andrew is right. Maybe I'll see it at the hill climb one year
Tom Franquelli Mar 07, 2011
Oh, okay well at least there's a purpose. I thought it was just a 'tuner' for people with more dollars than sense.
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Mar 07, 2011
Holy $&&@@,!,?,@@: Eat in the blue hell were they thinkin???!