Comments - Geneva 2011: Lotus Evora Enduro GT Concept

Published: Mar 07, 2011
Description: Lotus has revealed what will serve as the basis for all of their upcoming GT2 and GTE racers at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Based on the Evora GT4 Endurance racer, it was developed by Lotus Motorsport...
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Bill Gray Mar 07, 2011
What a knockout lookin' car!!!
Andy Rogers Mar 07, 2011
If you guys are trying to get everything in from Geneva, you still have A LOT to do
Daniel Hernandez Mar 09, 2011
This is the kind of racing movies need :D
Kenneth Williams Mar 08, 2011
The lines are so smooth. This car just flows right with me. Looks food.
Bill Gray Mar 07, 2011
Boy I'd like to show up at the local drive-in in this thing. Talkin' 'bout some eyeballin'.
Andy Rogers Mar 07, 2011
Looks great Almost all race cars do
Anthony Surdo Mar 07, 2011
Very much agreed Vincent
Description: Although Lotus has not released any specs for the concept, we do know that the previous Evora Type 124 Endurance racer had a Toyota 2.0 liter V6 with 395 hp that was mated to a six-speed Cima sequenti...
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Andy Rogers Mar 08, 2011
@Reinaldo Haha yeah. The old BMW M1 race car was making like the 70s
Chad Schley Mar 08, 2011
I'm with Phillip on this, Toyota makes the best lotus motors the make has ever had. Until Toyota was the engine supplier lotus got most their street motors from rover.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2011
@ Anthony noon So you wouldn't drive an Elise?
Anthony Isola Mar 08, 2011
Meh, engine choice coulda been better... Actually it's an endurance racer, I guess it's alright...
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Mar 07, 2011
I love how people think car makers put 395 on RACE cars because they want to... It's regulations... Otherwise it would have 800hp
John Park Mar 07, 2011
This thing should have the v10 that lexus put in the LFA, that thing would fly then
Kyle Bohne Mar 07, 2011
@ bill its based on the race class requirements
Chad Schley Mar 07, 2011
Does your car weigh 2600 lbs?? Doubt it.
Bill Gray Mar 07, 2011
395 hp....I got that in my car. That's false advertisment.
Anthony Noon Mar 07, 2011
Lotus + Toyota motor = no thank you...
Dominic DeSantis Mar 07, 2011
@ Peter,don't you mean pull?
Peter William Larsen Mar 07, 2011
With this thing I would need a tow hook. I'd push it to the limit and then past it lol
Bill Gray Mar 07, 2011
Comes with optional tow hook!!!
Chad Schley Mar 08, 2011
Richard it ironic you point out the drivers name on the side, in one of the earlier pics it says Senna...... Anyone know if Arton senna has a son or cousin race driver??
Jan Kubecka Mar 08, 2011
That song black and gold by sam sparrow finally made sense
Anthony Isola Mar 08, 2011
Really feeling that sneaky red accent
Lee Crumley Mar 07, 2011
I am glad to see lotus building good looking cars again.
David Bright Mar 07, 2011
Awesome color scheme
Frederick Perez Mar 07, 2011
Looks like from a video game
Chad Schley Mar 08, 2011
I think it is the diffuser that is throwing people of toward the 430 scudi. Other than that I don't see any resemblance.
Anthony Isola Mar 08, 2011
Dom I couldn't agree more...
Dominic DeSantis Mar 07, 2011
I'm liking the rear diffuser
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Mar 07, 2011
It's hard to see the hook on some cars and it's the rules... They need to be visible in emergencies
Chris Sulouff Mar 07, 2011
From certain angles I can get the F430 Scuderia vibe from it. Still a great looking car and can't wait to see it against the other GT cars in the Rolex series in 2012.
Kyle Bohne Mar 07, 2011
At jacob its the rules and yes there are plenty retards in the world haha
David Bright Mar 07, 2011
Haha, interesting point Jacob
Jacob Castro Mar 07, 2011
Still a gorgeous car tho
Jacob Castro Mar 07, 2011
Just asking but are people that retarded that you need that "tow" sticker??? Or is that if it gets in a crash and you can't tell where its at?