Comments - Geneva 2011: Kia Picanto

Published: Mar 05, 2011
Description: We reported on the Kia Picanto a couple of times towards the end of 2010, but Kia has now revealed the entire city car at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The all-new Picanto will be offered with a total o...
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John Frum Mar 05, 2011
Needs more forced induction!
Simon Trépanier Mar 05, 2011
Don't foget that the Picanto is light weight... Smaller than the Rio. Does'nt need 110 hp!
Description: Kia has stated that the Korean automaker paid particular attention to improving the CO2 emissions and fuel economy of the engines in the Picanto. CO2 figures range between 95 g/km and 105 g/km for sta...
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Isaias Almanza Mar 05, 2011
You could take the whole motor apart with a 10mm and an 8mm it looks like.
Stephen Ishard Mar 05, 2011
Damn 68 horses power packed machine