Comments - Video: Fiat 500 Meets Gucci

Published: Mar 04, 2011
Description: In a somewhat unsurprising move, Fiat and Gucci have joined forces to launch yet another special edition 500. Revealed at the Milan Fashion Week, this latest 500 has some Gucci -exclusive options that...
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Andy Rogers Mar 06, 2011
@Alex I thought so....
Andy Rogers Mar 06, 2011
@Paul Sorry I can't pronounce foreign names and sorry you can't spell
Tanner Chournos Mar 06, 2011
They don't have class? You used a number in place of a word and that "no" should be a "know". Just because someone doesn't know how to pronounce Gucci, does not mean they have no class.
Paul Petty Mar 05, 2011
You 2 have no Class,if you have to ask you don't no
Andy Rogers Mar 04, 2011
How do you pronounce Gucci? The way I am sounds a bit...wrong
Patrick Schalk Mar 04, 2011
Leave it to the Italians to make something ugly even uglier. What a jole
Andy Rogers Mar 04, 2011
Don't like the wheels or those stripes. Wheels don't work and the stripes definitely don't work black
Description: Pre-orders will begin on April 1st with a 17,000 Pounds starting price. To capitalize further on their new automotive exploit, Gucci is launching a new lineup of Fiat 500-inspired products that will r...
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Anthony Surdo Mar 05, 2011
@Ryan- it's a special edition because it has a Gucci interior
Isaias Almanza Mar 05, 2011
I knew I should have skipped this one. You can't polish a turd. I don't care what mythbusters says.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Mar 04, 2011
How's this a special edition?
Jory Black Mar 04, 2011
I've never understood the appeal to these cars. I think they look awful.
Joseph Flieder Mar 04, 2011
It looks good, except that strip. But that's what makes this car special, I guess.
Bob Thebuilder Mar 04, 2011
They could have at least change the outside!