Comments - Geneva 2011: Wiesmann Spyder Concept

Published: Mar 04, 2011
Description: If you're that minimalist speed seeker, then the Wiesmann Spyder may be just for you. Described by the automaker as a "two-seater, extremely purist, convertible," it's definitely f...
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Arshneil Bains Mar 04, 2011
This is mad cool n nice body kit
John Frum Mar 04, 2011
Good job showing the mechanics, but not my definition of good-looking.
Description: Weighing less than 2,200 lbs, it's powered by a 420 hp V8 that takes it from 0 to 62 in just four seconds and has a top speed of 180 mph. As you can tell, there's no windscreen or even doors...
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Jonathan Newcastle Mar 05, 2011
Traction could also be a factor. What is the rolling stock?
Anthony Noon Mar 04, 2011
Gear ratios are fact here too guys.
Barry Boo Wilson Mar 04, 2011
Ya must have crazy low gear for that 0-62 time and weight.
John Park Mar 04, 2011
I would take an ariel atom (especially the v8) over this any day. That thing has the top time on the TG test track and its wayy simpler
Andy Rogers Mar 04, 2011
I agree. It better have monstrous acceleration between 60 and 180mph
Bob Thebuilder Mar 04, 2011
200 mph without a windshield?
Duncan Gibson Sep 05, 2011
This looks like it would be incredibly fun to drive on a track or on a nice highway. Really impractical though
Spencer Peirce Mar 04, 2011
I actually think this car has great lines. I love the idea too. The front is a bit mangled but overall I think it's quite cool. Love that blue too.
Julian Pilinci Mar 04, 2011
Wheels are the only thing I like on this car.
Tyler Watkins Mar 04, 2011
I wouldn't buy it for it's looks....let's hope it can perform.
John Frum Mar 04, 2011
Suede, or Alcantara. Sports car makers use this in steering wheels for grip.
Sebastian Grey Mar 04, 2011
I think they're just grips for when you're pulling 1.5g in a turn haha.
Jeremy Siebert Mar 04, 2011
From the makers of SoBe! I like the leather grips. Save some weight by not wrapping the whole wheel & emphasize its minimalist nature @ same time. Suede side out means you'll be replacing them every few hundred hours of driving time though
Patrick Schalk Mar 04, 2011
It needs some farm animal sound button. "The cow says: Mooooo!!" this car is cool in it's own way but I don't understand why some of the things are the way they are
Patrick Schalk Mar 04, 2011
WTF? Looks like a baby toy steering wheel with those buttons and crap
Clayton Corley Nov 11, 2011
So where the rear end
Kenneth Williams Mar 04, 2011
They backed into a laser wall
Isaias Almanza Mar 04, 2011
All you need is a full face helmet and a track.
Jeremy Siebert Mar 04, 2011
I'll agree. Windscreen would add just enough civility for the insane to put it on the street. In a land with no potholes.
Barry Boo Wilson Mar 04, 2011
Put a windscreen on it and let it bump. That thing is great.
Isaias Almanza Mar 05, 2011
Just for comparison, the Weismann MF5 is gorgeous.
Jonathan Newcastle Mar 05, 2011
Ugly? Perhaps, but that's what you her with a purpose-built roadster. It harks back to the dawn of motorsport. No-frills nostalgia with today's technology
Isaias Almanza Mar 04, 2011
Ugly. Ugly. Did I mention ugly?
Luis Lujan Mar 04, 2011
Those exhaust tips are not for the engine. They are for when you fart.