Comments - Spyker Announces C8 Aileron GT Racer

Published: Mar 03, 2011
Description: Spyker has just announced the first set of details regarding their 2012 C8 Aileron GT race car. It has been built to GTE specifications and will be used by both the company and private racing teams. T...
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Reece Poth Feb 27, 2012
Guys... The performance is "bad" because of racing regulations
Jeffrey May Mar 03, 2011
Looks like an Aston Martin
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 03, 2011
I think they're limited by the racing regs. Road going Spykers do better than that.
Mikky Gourin Mar 03, 2011
V8 with 395bhp??!!! PFFFFF ;/
Kyle Bohne Mar 03, 2011
And this car will not be sold to the public only private racing teams that spyker will pick personaly
Sebastian Grey Mar 03, 2011
They have to make them like that to comply with racing rules and regs.
Andy Rogers Mar 03, 2011
That performance from a race car like that? The stock one goes that fast in a straight line
Morgan Dame Mar 03, 2011
They shud be ashamed
Vincent Butler Mar 03, 2011
395hp 4.5 second to reach 62mph. $200,000+ thousand no thanks. Beautiful car. Terrible performance
Jonathan Newcastle Mar 03, 2011
Dismal numbers. You have to do better than that, Spyker. We'll see when they get their new engines...
Kit Gribler Mar 03, 2011
Yes! Another Spyker race car I like!
Description: Spyker Squadron Managing Director Peter Van Erp, "We will develop the car for the new GTE class and later on...will assess whether there is sufficient demand to a develop a variant to FIA GT3 spe...
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