Comments - An Extra-Special Aeromax For Sale

Published: Mar 25, 2011
Description: The Morgan Aeromax might not be for everyone, but for fans of the odd little car company, the Aeromax is a very special. One such fan of Morgan is Top Gear's Richard Hammond, but it seems he has ...
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Thomas Vorholt Mar 26, 2011
Would this be the very same Aeromax that he was in a wreck in?
Bill Gray Mar 28, 2011
Not with you on this one Andy. I love this car, not only for it's heritage, but I have always thought Morgans were cool. I think it's a personal opinion thing, you either like them or not. Nothing against you.
Andy Rogers Mar 27, 2011
What am I saying? The overall thing is bad. I just said that so I don't sound as negative all the time. Screw it
Andy Rogers Mar 27, 2011
@Ian I can't afford a slave either, doesn't mean I want one
Andy Rogers Mar 27, 2011
@Andrew That's really all that's wrong with it
Jason Johnson Mar 26, 2011
I'm I love with the Morgan! Try that with anything else and it would fail!
Adam Joe Mar 25, 2011
Guess something is moving up the cool wall.
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Mar 25, 2011
The Morgan design has been the same since it's early days with minimal adjustments over time. This is, as said before, a modern take.
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 25, 2011
Andy, you think Morgan attempts retro? Morgan is retro. If anything this is an attempt at modern.
George Rust Mar 25, 2011
I think it is awesome! And to hear that throaty engine on Top Gear was cool too.
Andrew Mullin Mar 25, 2011
I don't know andy - other than the front arrangment, i really cant complain about it
Andy Rogers Mar 25, 2011
Absolutely hideous Original cars with this styling look great. Morgans with some attempted retro in it just fail
Mattaius Younger Mar 25, 2011
Yeah I've always thought the back looked a bit odd from some angles....but damn she's still gorgeous.
Andrew Mullin Mar 25, 2011
Love the side profile of this!
Adam Joe Mar 25, 2011
Yeah only part of the car I don't like.
Leo Jackson Mar 25, 2011
The car looks like the batmobile
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 28, 2011
It's late 2008 or early 2009. And it's priced at about $160k USD.
Bill Gray Mar 28, 2011
Noticed air bag steering wheel. Can someone tell me year model. And how much is £99,500 in $USD.
Justin Routh Mar 26, 2011
Lol if you couldnt shift with your left hand that would be sad...
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 25, 2011
Shane, you don't need to be left-handed, no. It's not the hardest thing in the world to train your left hand to stir cogs. Or to keep steering with your right. There are some folk here who need to travel more...
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 25, 2011
No. 1st is top left.
Codí Johnston Mar 25, 2011
Quick question on rsd cars, is the gear sequence also reversed (first gears closest to you)?
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 25, 2011
Morgan, India is indeed part of Asia. Are you just showing off your geography grade? ;-)
Morgan Dame Mar 25, 2011
I'm pretty sure India is part of Asia
Andy Rogers Mar 25, 2011
He was just correcting it since you can't edit comments
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 25, 2011
Better? It has the steering wheel on the same side as every car in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India... Hardly worth TWO comments!
Sebastian Grey Mar 25, 2011
Wee little Hammond sat there.