Comments - Bowler To Get A New Owner

Published: Mar 24, 2011
Description: The British coachbuilder CPP has come from nowhere (which is in Coventry) to become a major player in the boutique automobile market. It has already been announced that they will be taking over Spyker...
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Pavel Kleymenov Mar 26, 2011
It has a luxury kick to it.
Mike Hawk Mar 25, 2011
Glad to make the world a better place...kinda like that Jesus guy. The one with the blue eyes
Andy Rogers Mar 24, 2011
@Mike Haha I see what you did there! You always make me smile Mike (not in that way you pervs)
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 24, 2011
Yes we have them in the UK of course. We just have them RHD. This is quite old news. The deal was done in January.
Mike Hawk Mar 24, 2011
You are the only one, alright. But hey, I still support your right to marriage.
Brady Pekas Mar 24, 2011
am I the only one that doesn't really like it
John Park Mar 24, 2011
That thing is such a beast!
Andy Rogers Mar 24, 2011
Always liked Bowlers
Pavel Kleymenov Mar 26, 2011
Soccer moms drive volvos...
Andy Rogers Mar 24, 2011
If a soccer mom bought this, I would question my sexuality!
Andrew Mullin Mar 24, 2011
I want to meet the soccer mom who needs this ...
David Bright Mar 24, 2011
That soccer mom would be absolutely unstoppable, just roll over anyone in her way
Mike Hawk Mar 24, 2011
Abso-frickin-lutely not the LR for soccer moms