Comments - O.CT Audi TT RS

Published: Mar 20, 2011
Description: Audi enthusiasts in America might still be waiting for the first boatload of TT RS's to arrive on our shores, but over in Europe, the tuners have already had a crack at it. Enter Austrian tuner O...
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Description: The 20-inch alloy wheels are not only good looking, but they are also lightweight, coming in under 14kg apiece. A KW V3 coilover kit is available for a bit of added grip, not that Audis are usually la...
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Patrick Schalk Mar 21, 2011
I hate those wheels. Way too big a gaudy
Alex Mabbott Mar 21, 2011
Wheels way to big makes car ugly
Andrew Gardner Mar 20, 2011
Rims are way to big, and it needs a hard top.
Elias Saba Mar 20, 2011
Those wheels are amazing on this car.
Tyler Francois Shimko Mar 20, 2011
It needs a hard top.