Comments - Opel Astra-Based Convertible in 2013

Published: Mar 19, 2011
Description: Opel has revealed plans to introduce a new convertible in 2013. The drop top will be part of the company's 11 billion Euro investment plan which was announced publically last year and also includ...
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Mike Hawk Mar 21, 2011
Either way, it ain't a good thing
Mike Hawk Mar 20, 2011
The cavalier convertible still lives
Description: There's no name as of yet for the convertible, but it will most likely be called something along the lines of Astra Convertible. The vehicle will enter production in 2013 at Opel's Gilwice p...
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Landon Combass Mar 19, 2011
A Pontiac G6 with Saturn styling.
Mike Hawk Mar 21, 2011
GTO is the best Pontiac Next best is the G8 aka VXR8/GTS
Simon Trépanier Mar 20, 2011
Hey guys this is the actual Astra convertible, not the 2013 one !!!