Comments - Sportec SPR 1 FL Tuning Project

Published: Mar 15, 2011
Description: The tuning firm Sportec has released its latest project, the Sportec SPR 1 FL. It is said to be based on the facelifted 997 Porsche 911 Turbo. The vehicle has a number of upgrades, including a new sem...
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Taylor Greenfield Mar 15, 2011
Guys maybe what they mean is that since this 911 is the facelift, power remains the same from the gen before
Chris Clark Mar 15, 2011
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Turbo S only has 530 hp... Wonder why they said that
Alex Newgard Mar 15, 2011
Yea theres no way. Im not posotive, but i think the stock turbo has just over 500
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Mar 15, 2011
Of course it does! That's the kind of power regular 6 cylinders get!
Jack You Mar 15, 2011
power has remained the same? the stock 911 turbo has 800hp?
David Bright Mar 15, 2011
Awesome paint job. Rims look great too
Vincent Butler Mar 15, 2011
I've been hating on porsche for a long time. But. Man just Beautiful
Description: The engine does have some updates such as a new Smooth Flow intake manifold with two injectors per chamber, a Carbon Ram Air intake system, high-performance intercooler and two hybrid turbochargers. A...
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Zamiyaad Kausmally Mar 17, 2011
Nope they won't. Cuz that's wat makes it look like a Porsche
Phillip Fitchew Mar 16, 2011
@ James When the first VW was first being drawn up, Porsche designers were commissioned to do the work. If anything, VW beetles are deformed Porsches.
James Buster Mar 16, 2011
It looks like a deformed VW