Comments - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Debut Testing

Published: Mar 13, 2011
Description: McLaren has big plans for racing their new MP4-12C supercar, and the anticipation keeps ramping up as more testing is done. We've got some new pics and video for your viewing pleasure.
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Tom Franquelli Mar 14, 2011
That's not the production version, that's why the front looks like that.
Luke Bailey Mar 13, 2011
not a fan of the front....not open enough for me....
Mike Hawk Mar 14, 2011
But you're right about light weight. You could place four 6-packs of beer on each corner to hold up the car
Patrick Schalk Mar 14, 2011
I was kidding. Someone holding the back of it. I know it has 4 air jacks for it
John Wu Mar 13, 2011
I think he was being sarcastic
Phil Hefenieder Mar 13, 2011
There is a jack stand right there you idiot
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2011
I bet some guy is holding it up. This thing weighs nothing
Eddie Harper May 21, 2011
5,000 in that steering wheel
Mike Hawk Mar 14, 2011
Your left and right turn blinkers are replaced simply by your middle finger
Cole Reagan Mar 13, 2011
Oh yes I'll just turn the right indicator on... or not.
Bilal Saeed Mar 13, 2011
I would totally drive this in the streets w/ dat steering wheel!
Tom Franquelli Mar 14, 2011
Again, race version. Please read article before commenting. Thank you.
Patrick Schalk Mar 13, 2011
I agree with Kenneth
Kenneth Williams Mar 13, 2011
I wish I had air jacks on my car.
Scott Harrington Jul 20, 2011
the front tire locked up. he probly breaked hard
Genya Rashman Mar 15, 2011
This car one of the best things in the world
Patrick Schalk Mar 15, 2011
Could be doin a burnout? I bet it could do a mean one. I wanna drive this thing
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 14, 2011
Not to mention that front wheel isn't spinning when the back is.
Eric Crazyman Reynolds Mar 14, 2011
@ dan i think chad is right, looks like some smoke is coming from the front, and its a rear wheel drive car
Tom Franquelli Mar 14, 2011
Oh yes. Delicious. Haha
Dan McCartney Mar 14, 2011
I think he is just burning rubber Chad.
Zamiyaad Kausmally Mar 14, 2011
I'd totally rocks this out on da streets
Chad Schley Mar 13, 2011
Looks like front lock up. No ABS??