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Published: Mar 12, 2011
Description: Marussia has shown us that while the legacy of the horrible cars produced in the Soviet Union hasn't faded entirely, Russia can still make one hell of a car. Now another company from a different ...
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Andy Rogers Mar 12, 2011
more GT and luxurious and go all out. Considering VW will make more in the future when eventually somebody does take the Veyron SS down
Andy Rogers Mar 12, 2011
There are plenty of 1000hp and MUCH lighter cars that can't beat even the normal Veyron. The Koenigsegg CCXR for instance (about 1200hp). The Veyron really has aerodynamics down. In ___ years as a last attempt at speed king, they can just ditch being
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 12, 2011
I don't get the point of such a high powered engine it doesn't seem to do much!! :(
Bilal Saeed Mar 12, 2011
Wait, top speed 249...... :-(
Bilal Saeed Mar 12, 2011
Faster than bugatti veyron ss??? O_o
Alessandro Fulvia Montecarlo Turchi Mar 16, 2011
The front is exactly as a maserati (not mazerati :S) MC12 dont is ?
Genya Rashman Mar 15, 2011
Nikolai Fomanko made this cars
Adam Zarytsky Mar 13, 2011
Maserati Granturismo + Pagani Zonda = this... Amirite?
Erika McAlister Mar 12, 2011
It looks like a Lambo!!! I think I have seen this design before.
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 12, 2011
You've rumbled them Bryan. This is a Photoshop. This is no car company but a couple of designer dreamers who've been on a Mac all day, have dreamt up some performance figures and are now whoring it round to get deposits. More fool Car Buzz!
Bryan Thomsen Mar 12, 2011
Where is this photo taken? I have in another picture a white lambo in that exact spot and that picture was from two years ago!
Bilal Saeed Mar 12, 2011
Correction, it's sexy and mind raping!
Ján Kubecka Mar 12, 2011
Ohhh that's beautiful
Description: Shayton hasn't gone so far as to actually build a single car, but the renderings and the horsepower promises certainly show some promise. If all goes to plan, the Equilibrium will weigh just 2,64...
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Kyle Bohne Mar 12, 2011
But all these numbers are computer based if they were to build one it could go faster or slower but they wanna see if some one will buy the car before spending a couple $100,000 on it lol
Thomas Vorholt Mar 12, 2011
This is much like communism itself. Someone has what seems to be a really good idea, but doesn't work in practice. I'll bet they don't make it and if they do, the sat nav will take you to a back alley and question you...
Alessandro Fulvia Montecarlo Turchi Mar 16, 2011
@ taylor completly agree
Taylor J. Blake Mar 15, 2011
Mc 12 frontal action
Adam Zarytsky Mar 13, 2011
Combine what sebastian and Wes said. Paganimaseratienzo... Italiblend
Sebastian Grey Mar 13, 2011
Its like Maserati and an Enzo combined.
Wes Allard Mar 12, 2011
Looks like a pagani! But it looks great!
Erika McAlister Mar 12, 2011
Cool, but not the best!
Kenneth Williams Mar 12, 2011
Man this thing looks good
Ján Kubecka Mar 12, 2011
So is that CGI rendered on a computer
Collin Chitwood Mar 13, 2011
Would it be wrong if I got a boner by looking at this picture...?
Abe Merboth Mar 12, 2011
Honestly I thought the name fit the car really well?
Lee Hyatt Mar 12, 2011
You're gonna name a car this pretty Equilibrium?....reminds me of chemistry class which was BORING. Give it a more exotic name PLEASE!
Greg Horwitz Mar 12, 2011
Looks a lot like a Zonda. That being said please god make this car jump from the pictures and into my driveway
Duncan Jolley Mar 12, 2011
Amazing and has it's own look.
Keaton Smith Mar 12, 2011
Enzo front and Veyron rear
Alex Sharp Mar 12, 2011
Beautiful car, not a fan of the mirrors though. They look like bug antennas =\
Justin Fromm Mar 12, 2011
Wow looks so good. It's almost exactly what I have doodled. I love the front end a lot.
Barry Boo Wilson Mar 12, 2011
Nice drawings but will it actually end up as nice? If so that is awesome.
Alessandro Fulvia Montecarlo Turchi Mar 16, 2011
LoL tires are painted on rims ??? They are like 2mm !!!! How are big.. 21 ? 22 ??
Zamiyaad Kausmally Mar 13, 2011
I like the rear, it's kinda unique
Benamin Rowley Mar 12, 2011
Oh he'll no gimmi a close up of that ass dam to sexy
Stephen Ishard Mar 12, 2011
Ugly butt but I like it
Ryan Knolin Mar 12, 2011
so the car I just drew on my napkin is real??? sweet : D
Erika McAlister Mar 12, 2011
The back and rims. That is where they got me! The rest is ok.
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 12, 2011
This is no more a car then the one I just drew on a napkin. These cars ate dreamers. It will never happen.
Patrick Schalk Mar 12, 2011
Those wheels and brakes are absolutely insane
Austin Bride Mar 12, 2011
Think one will ever be built?
Armando Reyes Mar 12, 2011
The rims do look bad ass
Ján Kubecka Mar 12, 2011
The back end looks awesome and the rims... My new favorite car
Zamiyaad Kausmally Mar 13, 2011
Ye I agree, all dat white makes it look whack
Patrick Stefano Mar 12, 2011
I'm not feeling all da white kinda wack!
Cristian Hernandez Mar 12, 2011
If they want it to beat a bugatti they aren't trying very hard they need more carbon fiber and seats?? Just scrap them u don't need them lol
Scott M Allen Mar 12, 2011
the UV mapping of the carbon fiber is totally off scale. they hired a total noob 3d graphic designer
Thaddeus Wade Mar 12, 2011
Ohhhh.... It's a firebird. ;)