Comments - Geneva 2011: Four New MBZ Vehicles

Published: Mar 12, 2011
Description: Mercedes-Benz came to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show with the aim of presenting four new models to the public. The four include the new C-Class Coupe, the new-generation C-Class, the SLK Roadster, and F-C...
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Patrick Schalk Mar 12, 2011
Is that a man or a woman?
Charles Snyder Mar 12, 2011
WTF then I lmao my thoughts on that exactly
Ian Richard Hendry Mar 12, 2011
The article doesn't even mention this. It's a concept showing the likely styling of the next gen Smart by the way.
Description: The C-Class, on the other hand, has been extensively updated with more than 2,000 new parts and an innovative engine range. The SLK is the automaker's most successful sports car in its class, and...
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Brian Rais Mar 12, 2011
Very nice looking Benz. Hope they bring a strong engine lineup with this car.
Andy Rogers Mar 12, 2011
It's slower, more expensive, and takes A LOT longer to refuel than the normal SLS. Plus for a big, bright, and shouty color, I'd prefer the bright blue they offer Not that I'll be getting one any time soon :(
Patrick Schalk Mar 12, 2011
The one on the left was one of the first cars made by Carl Benz. The original was named Velo