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Published: Mar 10, 2011
Description: Audi is one of those automakers we love writing about. It's even better when there's a tuning firm out there that knows how to make an already incredible car even better. This is what Underg...
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Trent Fiala Apr 23, 2011
I started saying crap about the veyron cause David carr said stuff about it and Id let him know just because you have more hp doesn't mean you will win! I may only be 15 but I gurantee I know way more about cars and engines then alot of people do!
Trent Fiala Apr 23, 2011
Don't bring the veyron into this cause there is so many cars that can waste it in a quarter mile and a mile drag race that have less power! A Toyota supra running 950 hp can woop it in both of those races! Even though it has 250 less hp (ptw ratio)
Trent Fiala Apr 23, 2011
The bugatti with a bi turbo w16 only makes 1200 hp that not that much power compared to what I have felt with! My dad dynos engines and a blown alcohol big Block chevy we did made just over 1600 hp with only 15 lbs of boost 1200 hp isn't much to me
Trent Fiala Apr 23, 2011
Obviously the bugatti veyron super sport would win in a top speed race but you put those two in a quarter mile and that Audi with 1000+ whp would woop it! Alot of it's about ptw ratio (power to weight ratio) for you idiots who don't what ptw is!
Katelyn Coughley Mar 25, 2011
Even though Bugatti has 1200HP, the Audi just keeps getting better. If one tuning can create a massive change like this; the next is going to be even better. People are giving up on the Bugatti. So should you.
Eric Casparino Mar 23, 2011
I will take an Audi over a Bugatti any day
David Carr Mar 10, 2011
The Bugatti super sport has 1200 horse it still wins
Sebastian Grey Mar 10, 2011
With that kind of power, unless they converted it to RWD, it will have so much understeer.
Kevin Brügger Mar 10, 2011
It looks like all of the weight is in the back of the car with that massive V10. Although it looks sick, I think the weight distribution is focused too much to the rear so it will definitely have a touch time handling corners
Charles David Eugene White Mar 10, 2011
I would be interested to see how it corners. Adjusting power without really being concerned about weight distribution(looking at other photos), and you get the mb sls black. Tons of power, lots of torque, never able to use it on the street.
Kenneth Williams Mar 10, 2011
Veyron sucks. This is better
Thomas Vorholt Mar 10, 2011
Huge fan of Underground. I've been by their old location several times, always sick cars. One of their techs rebuilt my trans in my WRX when I snapped two teeth off my input shaft during a powershift. Quality work, and seem like quality guys.
Eric Casparino Mar 23, 2011
@ John, dude your bragging about a Honda beating an Audi? Really?
John Wu Mar 11, 2011
Slow mah civic would win
Thomas Vorholt Mar 10, 2011
Oh yea absolutely isn't a sleeper in the sense that a primer grey nova wagon with a 700hp big block is. But people who could run with the stock R8 would be blown away by this.
Anthony Noon Mar 10, 2011
Wouldn't call the R8 a sleeper, regardless of how much hp it has but I get what your trying to say
Thomas Vorholt Mar 10, 2011
R8 is such a beautiful car I dont think it needs one. And it's really satisfying to roll up to someone in your sleeper who's convinced he'll beat you and blow his doors off!
Kenneth Williams Mar 10, 2011
There's a lot more to it than just "putting on a twin turbo kit" it's not like they just bought some random turbos offline and bolted them on
Brett Powers Mar 10, 2011
If you need a bodykit to feel good you are trying to compensate for something. A guy who gets a turbo'd Lambo doesn't get that stuff either, you gonna call him stupid too?
Michael Ioia Mar 10, 2011
They didn't do anything ... All they did was put the TT kit on. So you want all the tuning shops to do nothing to the body work. Rrrrrright
Michael Munene Mugo Mar 10, 2011
This is what tunning shops should do !!
Description: All this power comes courtesy of the twin turbo engines that come with the tuning package for the R8. This 5.2-liter V10 engine is also the same V10 that they have used in the Lamborghini Gallardo. Be...
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Eric Casparino Mar 23, 2011
Beautiful and ray, the brakes are plenty strong
Coco Ashkenazy Mar 10, 2011
Nice rims and calibers
Ray Lockhart Mar 10, 2011
I hope those brakes are big enough to provide adequate stopping power
Armando Reyes Mar 10, 2011
Such a beautiful car
Justin Santinelli Apr 25, 2011
I think its really cool that your in to cars katelyn
Genya Rashman Mar 15, 2011
This engine must be on my Ferrari
Tim Ginta Mar 11, 2011
this car just gave me a boner
John Wu Mar 11, 2011
Hate to be rearended where is the bumper?
Malik Baxter Mar 10, 2011
Man o man this is my third most favorite car in the world this up upgrade makes it my second
Keaton Smith Mar 10, 2011
@Bobby, they took the bumper off because it wouldn't fit with those intakes
Danny Swain Mar 10, 2011
Well isn't that what you call a car
Bobby Cochran Mar 10, 2011
They took the bumper off to show the chrome....
Patrick Schalk Mar 10, 2011
Hemorrhoids. Ah I hate em. Haha jk. This is amazing
Anthony Noon Mar 10, 2011
Beautiful set up and look how wide those dam tires are.
Matthew Wright Mar 10, 2011
How bout a fender bender? Impossible here, just an engine cruncher.
Andy Rogers Mar 10, 2011
And that's good for the car right? And it'll definitely stay clean ;)
Jay Boppana Mar 10, 2011
Once they get a bumper on it's going to a sleeper r8.
Brady Fereday Mar 10, 2011
Lol the bumper is going to look way weird xD
Andy Rogers Mar 10, 2011
Looks a bit modded....just a bit
Ernest Grace Mar 10, 2011
Che-Yu, my thought exactly.
Justin Santinelli Apr 25, 2011
U wish you had this car
Robert Neel Mar 10, 2011
The intakes is that close to reduce the friction loss from the gallons of air going into the engine. You are very right about it has to have an inner-cooler. The only thing that worries me is that off the line there may be reduced O2 into the engine.
Nick Manning Mar 10, 2011
That's a beast i would hate to try to race it just the big engine I'm that small car
Sebastian Grey Mar 10, 2011
That is the most intense configuration I have ever had the fortune of seeing.
Mike Hawk Mar 10, 2011
Blah blah blah...I just wanna video of this R8 vs Bugatti vs Koenigsegg vs Pagani vs Ferrari (all other cars can follow later, but this would be my initial group to watch)
Isaias Almanza Mar 10, 2011
The intakes pull air from the rear. The air is sent through the twin intercoolers to cool the charge before it makes it to the intake manifold.
Ján Kubecka Mar 10, 2011
I find it funny how we are trying to work out what everything is on this thing
Earick Smith Mar 10, 2011
I think it's cool that they r flashing the twin turbo setup in these pics but I'd also like to see what the car looks like with the rear bumper on.
Andy Rogers Mar 10, 2011
@Ben Doesn't that Gallardo have 1500+hp though?
Thomas Vorholt Mar 10, 2011
They wouldn't put the intakes in the engine bay. It'll be far too hot in there and it'll zap power. They probably put the intakes where they do to most effectively get the coolest air possible. I trust their judgement.
Thomas Vorholt Mar 10, 2011
Looks to be largely the exact setup they use in their Gallardo's. They've done so many they've mastered it by now. When I raced at ZMax a 1000 HP gallardo and viper of theirs showed up. Just about wet my pants. They sound incredible!!
Brett Powers Mar 10, 2011
There are actually mesh windows where the intakes are at so I doubt it's the worst place imagined.
Cezary Koral Mar 10, 2011
On the door sills you have vents that feed the air to the intakes, and that plumbing is just straight up sex
Justin Hill Mar 10, 2011
I wonder if the placement of the dual intakes are in the most effective places in the rear...
Ben Matthews Mar 10, 2011
This company's Gallardo holds a record in the Texas Mile at like 245 mph. And that's in just one mile from a standing start.
Jacob Gardner Mar 10, 2011
How fast do u think that thing will go?!? Beast
Ernest Grace Mar 10, 2011
Reminds me of the Predator's face.
Travis Grauman Mar 10, 2011
damn thats sexy right there! straight up.