Comments - For Sale: Custom-Built Pagani Zonda

Published: Mar 01, 2011
Description: With the arrival of the all-new Huarya, some may think the price for a used Zonda may decrease. However, we're not talking about just any supercar builder here, but one where each of their cars i...
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Keaton Smith Mar 07, 2011
He's probably going for the new zonda-r haha
Zac Annunziata Mar 03, 2011
I wonder why he got rid of it?
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Mar 01, 2011
Wow he had it for about a month...
Isaias Almanza Mar 01, 2011
I guess that's just light reflecting off the plastic wrap.
Isaias Almanza Mar 01, 2011
That car looks beat the he'll up. Look at the splitter.
Description: However, it crashed in Qatar and was sent back to the factory for a rebuild. The car is built similar to the Cinque with its carbon-titanium chassis, but has LEDs up front just like the Tricolore edit...
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Isaias Almanza Mar 01, 2011
I thought it was an embarrassing act for these guys to sell used cars.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Mar 01, 2011
So you crashed it and you're selling it for the same price you got it? Just give it away... It's not like you're not rich enough...
Alessandro Fulvia Montecarlo Turchi Mar 02, 2011
It's probably like bryce told. On the carbon fiber rebuild there is a peeling plastic that he didn't remove yet. Just like a new phone screen. Btw thus color is totally awesome
Bryce Stevens Mar 02, 2011
Hey guys it's called an expensive car so it's like a new phone with the plastic covering so it will peel off dumb asses
Ryan O'Connor Mar 02, 2011
is he colour blind or something!
Zamiyaad Kausmally Mar 02, 2011
Heck no $19.99. I'm paying $18.99 for it
Bilal Saeed Mar 01, 2011
$20??? Il pay $19.99 for it!!!
Aj TheDark Artist Mar 01, 2011
It's just plastic to cover the new parts!!!! It cums off!!!!
Adrian Roman Yemchuk Mar 01, 2011
It's obviously a new body panel that was just installed. Relax, it peels off.
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Mar 01, 2011
Dude that's plastic to cover the rear like a clear bra for the back Idk y they have it up ther maybe bcuz of the sand or sumthin
Ryan Fitzgerald Mar 01, 2011
For more than a million, you would think they could make it at least look like it wasn't totaled...
Ryan O'Connor Mar 01, 2011
zonda or fiat panda?
Brady Fereday Mar 01, 2011
Lol I love how it looks so out of place on that street