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Published: Feb 09, 2011
Description: It was just recently in December 2010 when Audi revealed its A7. During the short time that's elapsed since then, we have a tuning firm that's decided it's ready to take on the challenge. The challen...
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Anthony Noon Feb 09, 2011
MTM is SOOOOOO expensive
Bob Thebuilder Feb 09, 2011
I thought the car in the home page icon was an r8 hahaha
Will Conover Feb 10, 2011
Bumper why did it correct that
Will Conover Feb 09, 2011
The number is different
Tim Gardner Feb 09, 2011
Still could b an A8. Only minor difference from this angle is the shape of the daytime running lights.
Jan Kubecka Feb 09, 2011
My dad had an Audi a4 MTM quttro and added a turbo chip to the ECU I loved it so much
Description: Under the hood, the engine saw an upgrade to the 3.0 TDI Quattro version. The performance upgrade means that the car now gets some 285-horsepower. Not too bad for a first tuning.

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Bilal Saeed Feb 09, 2011
I guess going up down was to hard for some people while driving manual, at least this is a start for automatic drivers!
Will Conover Feb 10, 2011
I think this is Audi's best sedan
Dallas Adams Feb 10, 2011
@Andy I was thinking the same thing when I saw the back end that it had the same styling of a CLS.
Andy Rogers Feb 10, 2011
@Patrick No you're not the only one. I like it too, I was just saying that it was styled to look like a CLS competitor
Jonathan Banko Feb 09, 2011
This is huge. Id feel like im drivin a limo. Haha
Tim Gardner Feb 09, 2011
They either need to extend the wheelbase by moving the rear wheel back or shorten the overhang. It's so droopy & out of balance. Looks like it could tip up into a wheelie if you sat on the bootlid.
David Bright Feb 09, 2011
I like the back looking from the back, but I dunno about side view
Mike Hawk Feb 09, 2011
I don't like big saloons, but this one's nice.
Kyle Bohne Feb 09, 2011
I agree with pat nice car
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2011
Haha I guess I'm the only one who likes it so far. I would drive this thing
Andy Rogers Feb 09, 2011
It's supposed to be Merc CLS looking I guess
Joanthony McGee Feb 09, 2011
..yea, the front and rear need to be re-worked! Thumbs down
Jesse Ward Feb 09, 2011
Yeah the front is perfect, the back is eh..
Joanthony McGee Feb 09, 2011
From this angle the car is nice. The straight side view isn't.
John Frum Feb 09, 2011
Love the wood trim. The GPS pops out the dash.
Chris Friend Feb 09, 2011
Nice dash, but the controls by the shifter would drive my rent crazy
Mike Hawk Feb 09, 2011
The minimalistic interior is just right. I'm not too fond of jetfighter cockpit interiors
Issac Luke Byers Feb 10, 2011
Looking at the back from behind the car it's ok, but looking at it from the doesn't fit right for a tuned Audi
Tim Gardner Feb 09, 2011
Still looks far too long & droopy to me, even with the lip spoiler. Makes the rear panel & valence too narrow like they've needed to squeeze the lights in.
Julian Pilinci Feb 09, 2011
Ok you people what's wrong with the back? Look at it again see how sexy this is!
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2011
I actually really like this
Joanthony McGee Feb 09, 2011
The truck lip & rear bumper needs spacing or of a flush bumper.