Comments - Chicago Auto Show to Receive Hyundai Veloster Rally Car

Published: Feb 07, 2011
Description: It's been less than a month after the world premiere of the three-door Veloster at the Detroit Motor Show, and the Korean automaker is really on top of it with its big plans for the car. Hyundai ...
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Andy Rogers Feb 07, 2011
Hyundai or not, it's still a rally car so I do have respect for it
Kwan Calvin Feb 07, 2011
@Tom You remind me of Angry Birds
Description: In any case, in the beginning of March, the South Korean automaker will also reveal the Euro-spec Veloster at the Geneva Motor Show. It's still unknown if we'll also see the range-topping ve...
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Mike Hawk Feb 07, 2011
I wonder if they could shoehorn a Lamda into this car
Bill Gray Feb 13, 2011
If it keeps gettin' this much air, their gonna have to put more wings on it!!!
Adrian Roman Yemchuk Feb 07, 2011
I'd rather see the hyundai explode into a million pieces when it hits the ground
David Bright Feb 07, 2011
Any bets on how much that landings gonna hurt?