Description: Brabus is the Mercedes-Benz tuning specialist that we've reported on before in the past. This tuning firm has presented a new Eco PowerXtra D6S performance kit for the S350 BlueTec. Brabus claims...
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KeRon Demar Jones Feb 09, 2011
I've been working on seeing this
Kwan Calvin Feb 07, 2011
Brabus is really specified in tuning Mercedes
Tom Franquelli Feb 07, 2011
Sexy diesel estate? You bet. Except for the stupid chrome rims.
Description: The modified Mercedes can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. The Brabus ECO PowerXtra D6S can also be fitted to all Mercedes E350 CDI BlueE...
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Jan Kubecka Feb 07, 2011
Looks nice in there v6 though
James Abi Feb 09, 2011
The side grill is horrible. Other than that it's a great car.
Sam Nelson Feb 09, 2011
Its amazing until you put your foot down. A v6 trying to move a s class is like a motorized pepper grinder trying to move the moon.
Derrick Bienemy Feb 08, 2011
One word: SEXY. OMG.
Patrick Schalk Feb 07, 2011
Those little LEDs on the bottom are pretty cool
Kwan Calvin Feb 07, 2011
This would be a cross-over of Luxury and Sporty! Excellent!!!
Tom Franquelli Feb 07, 2011
But give me one with body-colour side vent/gill things, please. That looks like an accident. C
Tom Franquelli Feb 07, 2011
As George Takei would say... "oh my..."
Jan Kubecka Feb 07, 2011
Oooh ooh ooh nice I like I like