Comments - 800 Horsepower 6.4 Powerstroke Rolls Tremendous Coal

Published: Feb 06, 2011
Description: Here's one for you diesel drinking, coal rollin, Powerstrokin, mutha truckin lovers out there looking for a new 6.4 video to feast your eyes on. This is a big red 6.4 Ford Powerstroke stacked with 80...
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Description: Watch it go.
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Bill Gray Feb 07, 2011
Love the front, reminds me of a Jag.
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 06, 2011
Scroll over a couple of pages...but trust me your better off not seeing it uuuuugly!
George Rust Feb 06, 2011
I like it. Would like to see the back.
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
Like those numbers. $100 k seems like a deal for custom bodywork and an LS engine. And under 3k lbs.
John Frum Feb 09, 2011
What about the Ford GT and Viper suck? Please. Tell me. I do realize everyone's aversion to electric cars, but the Tesla Roadster is great. Instant torque, good looks, great handling, and great on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Will Conover Feb 09, 2011
How are teslas and exception those things suck
John Frum Feb 09, 2011
Exception Ford GT. Shelby. Teslas. Dodge Viper. What sucks: Chrysler. Oldsmobile. Pretty much everything else.
Andy Rogers Feb 07, 2011
@K.p. Again, you don't pay attention
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 07, 2011
In my oppinion, i like callaways take on the c6 better
Bill Gray Feb 07, 2011
This is a (got to have) deal.
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 07, 2011
Nice design nice engine
Andy Rogers Feb 07, 2011
@Jan That's the point. People are stupid sometimes
Tyler Jacob Feb 06, 2011
ZR1 is better and who ever said that the vette is cheaper they r wring only the cheap poor person versions r cheap the ZR1 starts at $109,800 and can go up to $150,000 any dumb ass would know that!
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
Yeah it's got a clean, classic look to it
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
No the Vette isn't better. I see no Aston in here. The Vette is cheaper (not significantly, considering this market) but heavier, lacks the looks.
Garrick Caperton Feb 06, 2011
Well obviously vette IS better....
Tequito Lepetis Feb 06, 2011
I see more of a TVR over a auston honestly
Jan Kubecka Feb 06, 2011
@Andy why say vette is better when it's got a vette engine, anyways it's a nice car
Jack Tubio Feb 06, 2011
vette is better.. no haha im kidding this is really nice looking.
Will Conover Feb 06, 2011
Skoda Yeti is better
Andy Rogers Feb 06, 2011
Looks really good But I'm still waiting for some moron to say "Vette is better"
Patrick Schalk Feb 06, 2011
It's way faster than an Aston Martin
Jason Johnson Feb 06, 2011
Nah I think it rips from the SLS AMG.
Rithhin Jawahar Feb 06, 2011
Yeah definitely it has taken hints of an Aston!!